Is Russia Paying A Price For Crimea?


Despite all the rhetoric about American weakness when it comes to Crimea, Russia has been paying a steep price for its behavior.

I Miss the Hugs from My Students

2-Students Walk Into School

On the last day of school a group of my students drew a picture of me and my drum set in chalk on the blackboard. I miss their smiling faces and their warm hugs; most times it was the only hug I would get all day.

She Lost Her Husband to Alzheimer’s and then to a Gunshot

ronald westbrook

Confused, retired Lt. Colonel Ronald Johnson knocked on the wrong door one early morning.

Praising Sportsmanship, Raising Sportsmen


An inspirational story and a reminder that “Sporting” has two definitions.

No One Killed, Because of Kindness: A Case for Compassion


What happens when violence is not met with violence, but with understanding?

Teen in Need of a Heart Transplant Being Denied Lifesaving Surgery


An Atlanta Children’s Hospital is denying a 15-year-old boy a lifesaving heart transplant because they say he has a “history of non-compliance.”

Georgia Inmate, Warren Lee Hill, Wins Another Appeal To Delay Execution

Warren Hill Georgia inmate

In spite of the now-multiple reasons not to execute Hill, Georgia has remained committed to moving forward with the penalty, and the judge will take up these latest arguments in the coming weeks.

Why Georgia Gets to Ignore the Constitutional Ban on Executing the ‘Mentally Retarded’

Warren Hill Georgia inmate

Seven mental health professionals have evaluated Georgia inmate Warren Lee Hill, and all seven have determined that Hill is intellectually disabled.

UPDATE: Mike Patterson, Man Who Broke Neck While Saving Drowning Child, Has Died

mike patterson

He will be remembered for the lives he touched and his amazing actions.

Georgia Man Paralyzed While Saving 4-Year-Old From Drowning

michael patterson

Michael Patterson is still in the ICU after rescuing a 4-year-old from drowning.

Georgia Church Welcomes All Boy Scouts

church, gay rights, boy scouts, ban on gay scouts

In Marietta, GA, one church is banning the Boy Scouts, but another church welcomes them in.

Father and Son Graduate College Together

president obama, barack obama, obama, morehouse college, graduation, commencement, commencement speech, graduation speech, obama graduation speech

On Sunday, two Dorian Joyners donned their caps and gowns to graduate from Morehouse College in Georgia, where the commencement speech was given by President Obama.

Georgia Town Sued for Forcing Gun Ownership on Residents


A city ordinance requiring all heads of household to own both a firearm and ammunition has many advocates of gun control up in arms.

Daughter to Dad: Be There and Be Accountable

daughters without fathers, girls without dads, fatherhood, daughters letter to father, Families, The Good Men Project, Georgia, NASCAR dads

A daughter reflects on her father’s absence in her childhood, and offers a plea for him to be present for his grandchildren.

Are You Ready for the Brood? (Video)


They’re loud, they’re proud, and they’re seventeen years in the making.

Georgia High School Students Hold First Ever Integrated Prom (VIDEO)


And it was only 40 years in the making.