Explaining Reparations to the Anti-Tax Crowd

Tommy Raskin looks at two different ways to make reparations to oppressed people — either directly or indirectly. Which would you choose?

Navy Lietenant Thomas Saenz Earns Master’s Degree in Combat Zone

For Thomas Saenz, no risk was too great to get the education he wanted.

The Refugee and the 47 Percent

Geoff Kronik’s father was an immigrant and an Army veteran who bettered himself in any way he could, including the GI Bill, and that lands him squarely in the 47 Percent.

The Paratrooper and the 47 Percent

Seth Brady Tucker explains how a life of leisure in the Army’s 82nd Airborne, the slacker’s pursuit of a PhD, and useless career as a teacher landed him in the 47%. Please note sarcasm.

From the Bottom of the 47 Percent

Sean Davis came from the poorest of the poor, from the white-trash, from food stamps and toys made from boxes of government cheese—and he has a message for America.

The Greatest Generation

We can find the ultimate example of the Good Generation in the Greatest Generation.