All I Want For The Holidays This Year Is a Power Forward, a DH Who Can Hit, and An Offensive Line

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Alan Wolf and our readers share their sports holiday wish lists!

Want to Become an Expert on Sports? Just Utter These Three Little Words

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Al Deluise shares the one go-to phrase that you can use to fake your way through any sports-intensive conversation.

Matt Kemp Gives Young Fan the Shirt Off His Back

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When he thought no one was paying attention, he made Joshua Jones’ day.

Is the NFL Ready for a Gay Player?

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Sources say at least one gay NFL player may be ready to make his sexual orientation public.

The Giants Win the World Series: Our Moonlight (Graham) by the Bay Club


While still savoring the Giants’ latest World Series victory, Jim Jividen pauses to reflect on the lives of the nine men who played only one career game with the San Francisco Giants.

You Deserve It


‘You’re proud of that, aren’t you?’ Mr. Damianakos had caught me admiring my trophy.

A Dad Strikes Out


Bestselling author Michael Levin talks about his realization that his sons will never speak the language of baseball the way he does, and that’s okay.

Movies: Hank Aaron, the Hammer, to Get His Own Biopic [@spodachozn1]

The baseball legend is getting a biopic, chronicling his greatness in celluloid.

Why I Still Love Wes Welker


We all might want to try to be a little less die-hard sports fans and a little more devoted human being fans.



Tom vs. Eli; NYC vs. Boston; Redeem vs Redemption; Gronk vs Cruz.

Why I Love the Patriots But Hate the Super Bowl

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What does the media blitz say about us as men?

Football Gods Give Pats Redux


Sterling Moore, not Tom Brady, was the MAN.

How to Make Sports Fair: Get Rid of the Rules


When it comes to what’s fair in sports, there are the rules, and then there are the Rules.

Baseball Needs to Be a Wormhole, Not a Time Capsule


As baseball’s attendance dwindles, Aaron Gordon writes, its significance as a portal to the past is also in jeopardy.

Small sacked sluggers

They fucked up a good game.   Manny Ramirez is a lazy sack of crap,  Barry Bonds is a straight up asshole.     Thanks for allowing me to get the previous statement off my chest.  I feel a little better at this moment.  Not much, but a little.  In case you didn’t hear, these […]

My Family Fixed the 1951 Pennant


Bobby Thomson’s “Shot Heard ’Round the World” couldn’t have happened without a crafty Polo Grounds electrician—and Dodgers fanatic—named Abe Chadwick.