The Art of Regifting

The Art of Regifting by AJ

Thomas Fiffer reminisces on a Thanksgiving past and the true meaning of generosity.

Ten Ways Men Touch Their Wives Without Touching Them

Touching without touch

Steven Lake shows us how we can touch our partner without touching.

K.I.N.D.: Kids In Need of Desks. We Can Help—Easily!

Desks for Malawi

A small token for us makes a huge difference for them and improves the world for all of us

Live Fully Practice Completely – One Man’s Guide To Feeling Fully Alive

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Three gifts, no Magi.

“I would rather starve.”

Self Sufficient

This comment by Mud on the post A Poor Man’s Pope, A Rich Man’s Mayor Well, hot damn, Tom, congratulations. With those two $500 gifts, you’ve solved poverty in America. I gotta tell ya, though, that the people at the bottom don’t want your charity. My father was placed in a home. Shortly after, we […]

A Lifetime of Gifts Change Everything

Distant Horizon by Orin J. Hahn

Orin J.Hahn has some advice on gifts this holiday.

A Great McMiracle Happened There

mcrib-y Calgary Reviews-flickr

Bruce Ditman celebrates the return of the McRib this holiday season.

A Dad’s Guide to the Ten Commandments of Christmas Morning

mr. incredible tree small

Tom Burns recounts the Ten Essential Commandments that every dad must honor on Christmas Morning.

The Boy Who Didn’t Save Christmas

boy who didnt save christmas

Is Christmas about giving or receiving? Sometimes we learn the hard way.

Watching Time Pass Over the Vineyard Game


You can’t buy Christmas spirit, but you can make it.

What Happens When Santa Doesn’t Deliver

santa photo by bart fields

Craig Playstead is humbled—once again—by his son and a simple truth about Santa.

The Great Holiday Gift Debate: Do Shirts Count?

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Should holiday gifts to our children be the things they want or the things they need? Larry Bernstein wants to know.

The Call of the Red Suit: Santa is Still Here

I love my Merrimack Hall kids. Heck, I just love being Santa.

Santa Bob has a new heart and will be listening to the secret wishes of children and adults for many years to come.

Kid President’s Holiday Gift Guide

kid president

Kid President’s gift guide has absolutely everything you need for successful holiday gift giving.

Show a Little Thankfulness This Holiday Season

presents-y torbakhopper-flickr

Let’s show some appreciation for the people in our lives because of who they are, not the things they give us

A Boy’s Life Is Changed On A Jamaican Road

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Some lessons change a life. Some lessons change as many as they can. Jeff Bogle shares the moment that changed his . . .