9 Ways to Know Your Ex is Meant to be Your Ex


Let’s face it: All breakups are hard.

“It’s just sex…you can’t live in the bedroom”

No Sex

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Have Sex

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Have Sex


Vanessa Marin has tips for those times when mismatched sex drives are causing tricky moments in a relationship.

” Don’t expect a guy to be your girlfriend…”

Sharing feelings

How To Listen So That Men Will Keep Talking

“Most importantly don’t be a coward about breaking up.”

Breaking up

How to Break Up with a girl (From a Guy Who’s Done it Wrong a Few Times)


Fight photo from Ghostboy

Fouad Alaa says that since fights are inevitable, couples should find ways to build from them, rather than fall apart.

I Was My Girlfriend’s First Boyfriend: Tips for Newcomers

first girlfriend boyfriend photo by yusunkwon

Nick Jurczak realizes both the awesomeness and the responsibility of being the first boyfriend his girlfriend has ever had. He shares what he had learned.

Awaiting Vesuvius


When a romance is over, it’s over. The problem according to Jackie Summers, is that no one ever evacuates Pompeii until the volcano erupts.

Dear John: I Can’t Share My Mouth With Her Dog

Dog kiss photo by donnieray

  A slobbering dog, a homophobic friend, condoms in the laundry. Dear John advises on all. —- This article originally appeared at GoLocalProv.com. Dear John, I have a new girlfriend who has a dog that she loves – and I’m not exaggerating. She is just crazy about this dog. She considers him her best friend. The […]

Dear John: My Boyfriend Overshares Our Intimate Details


A boyfriend disclosing personal encounters, disciplining someone’s child over a cell phone, and unprofessional prevalence of flip-flops.

Dear John: Her Grooming Calls for an Air-Clearing


Body odor that comes with body hair, open-mindedness in bed, and a guy dating his ex-girlfriend.

Dear John: It Feels Too Right To Be Wrong


An Eleanor Roosevelt-type extramarital affair, pubic grooming, and a friend who loaned out the money they owed him.

Dangerous Proposals: Don’t Try These at Home


Whether you are planning a proposal or just want the shock value of some unfortunate mishaps, this article will provide just what you need!

Dear John: An Affair To Forget


A late discovery of an affair, a thankless favor, and a second breakup from wanting to get back with their ex.

Dear John: He Thinks It’s Hot, I Think It’s Not


A boyfriend’s lovemaking preferences, a roommate who drops into events without invitation, and exercise getting in the way of the marriage.

Dear John: Getting Girlfriend’s Son Off The Couch


A sedentary son, a boyfriend planning an unpleasant vacation, and girlfriend who hangs up.