Why Nice Guys Stay Single

Why Nice Guys by AngelsWings

Guys, being nice won’t get you the girl. That’s because ‘nice’ isn’t what women need. If you want a relationship, bring on the real you.

Nine Subtle Lies We All Tell Ourselves


You don’t always know what you’re doing. Mark Manson unveils a few lies we’ve been telling ourselves, and how to stop.

7 Reasons People Withdraw in Relationships

7 Reasons Partners Withdraw

It’s not your imagination–that sudden, inexplicable distance between you and your partner. Lisa Arends explains.

11 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Breakups

11 Breakup myths

Kate Hakala recognizes that splitting from someone you truly care about is enormously complex and unique for every person.

The One Thing She Wants On Valentine’s Day Is…

phillippe leroyer

Sue Nador helps you fill in the blanks!

He Says ‘Marriage’. Then, He Says ‘Space’. Help!

mixed messages

Hilary Silver thinks that when the one you’re with is sending mixed messages, it’s time to get really honest with yourself.

He Points Out Other Women. What Do I Say?

other women

Jenny Glick offers some unexpected advice. She think this is less about what he is doing and more about how she can respond.

Making Love With Someone New

starting over

Time, history, and experience gave you confidence with your last love. When you’re ready, Jonathan Buzin has some tips for starting over.

He Has a Female Friend Who Won’t Respect Boundaries


She thinks real friendships don’t have boundaries. The GMP Relationship Rx. Team begs to differ.

5 Reasons to Listen to Your Female Friend About Your Girlfriend


Maybe she has an ulterior motive, but maybe she knows you well enough to see what you can’t see.

11 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Really Awesome Love

awesome love

“If you desire that big love you know you deserve, and are feeling a little lost along the way, these steps will help.”

Am I Losing My Queer Cred?


Justin Ropella navigates his queer identity now that he’s in an opposite-gender relationship.

Maybe I Just Need a Friend


Jon Vaughn comes clean about past relationship mistakes, but through his sharing of a recent experience, he demonstrates how they shaped him into a better human.

3 Lessons About Manhood That I Learned from Having Heart Disease

I never dreamed I'd be a heart patient at 22.

Andrew Carlson writes about being a young man living with heart disease, and what it has taught him about manhood.

Men In Their Girlfriends’ Clothes


A photographic series by Jon Uriarte looks at gender roles and finds a surprising intimacy.

Dear John: Will Boyfriend’s Solitary Pleasures Lead To Pain?


Masturbation getting in the way of their sex life, a kissy aunt with cold sores, and parents trying to fight princess culture.