Girls Just Want To Have Fun, And So Should Men!

Rich Monetti on cutting loose.

My Sons are Not Animals, Stop Trying to Tame Them

Christine Walker, mom of sons, is frustrated by damaging and false messages that boys have uncontrollable, animalistic urges that need taming.

Comment of the Day: ‘You see boys holding back tears with balled fits and a face full of hot air because he wasn’t allowed to cry.’

This comment was by Anthony Brown on the post “Why We Need to Lay Down our Weapons in the Battle of the Sexes.”

Old School Dad Inspires Daughter to Seize the Hammer

Risa Dale was never called princess by her dad. Instead, he handed her some tools and she destroyed a house.

In the Mirror: A Retrospect of Growth and Perception

Is aging just something that happens, or is it an opportunity for men to see their own reflection in a mirror and leave a legacy behind?

6 Ways Parents Can Improve Their Daughter’s Poor Body Image

Girls can grow up loving or hating their bodies. It’s up to us as parents to help them love themselves.

Five Lessons About Fear From an Eight-Year-Old Girl

It’s amazing how much you can learn from an eight-year-old if you keep your mind open.

3 Fleeting Moments that Lead to a Lasting Relationship

Long-term relationships don’t just happen. They’re consciously built, moment by moment.

How My Daddy Issues Saved My Life

Conventional wisdom says men should avoid women with ‘daddy issues.’ Liz Furl says hers have made her stronger, wiser, and a better relationship partner.

WTF Is Puberty?

TomSka tells you everything you need to know about puberty in 7 minutes.

Are You Just One of The Boys?

Why is being “Just one of the boys” a bad thing?

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Harassment, Boy Meets Lawsuit

Middle and high school age boys are behaving badly. Make an effort to steer yours in the right direction.

10 Ways to Make it Through Your Son’s Teen Years…Without Killing Each Other

Either he’ll never leave the house or he’ll never be home. Whichever it is, you’ll wish it was the other. Savor the time he’s there instead of lamenting the time he isn’t.

8 Things Women Do That Guys Can’t Get Enough Of

Ladies: Bet you don’t even realize when you’re doing half of them!

10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know as She Starts Dating

Angela Keck’s advice for her dating-age daughter has value for all young women.

The Illusion of a Perfect Life—and Why So Many People Think They Need One

Mike Berry wants you stop comparing your life to everyone else’s and start embracing happiness.