This 14-Year-Old Boy’s Mission Is To Help Kids Everywhere Play The Game Of Soccer (Video)


An American teenager wants to change the world with his two passions, soccer and giving.

Cutting our food bill by a third for Lent


With so many people genuinely struggling to make ends meet and put food on their tables, it felt like it would be good to remind ourselves what it can feel like to struggle to pay for our most basic needs.

The Two Faces of Philanthropy


Philanthropy expert Michael C. Phillip believes that philanthropy is more than “giving when you’re old.” It should be a way in which we govern our actions in all seasons of life.

7 Suprisingly Simple Ways to Meet the Divine and Feel Inspired

God sees you

Theologian Mark Bowness used to look for God in church. Then he discovered evidence of the creator in ordinary, everyday events.

Net Worth and The Man Behind the Man


This man who had raised himself on the streets made my heart larger and my life richer.

Holiday Rituals: A Thanksgiving Nation or A Christmas Nation?


Michael C. Phillip on society’s need to be more like Thanksgiving and less like Black Friday.

I Heard a Billionaire CEO Speak About Giving, And It Changed My Life

TED Jeff Hoffman

It took a speech by the billionaire founder of Priceline to help me find out that the more I give without expectation, the more I get.

Kid President’s Holiday Gift Guide

kid president

Kid President’s gift guide has absolutely everything you need for successful holiday gift giving.

Make A Giving List, Now


Every day I’ve committed to one moment of all-out service from my abundance… and it’s changing everything.

On Making Amends and Finding Gratitude

half, dollar, 50, cents, fifty, money, coin, currency, old, antique, vintage

There are many paths to gratitude. Matt Clapper’s led him through a series of amends, and he is the better for it.

The Way Millennials Give, and Why it Should Concern Us


Millenials give to charity in dramatically different ways than their predecessors.

The Ugly Way Home

The Ugly Way Home photo piccadillywilson

A lesson from a rickshaw driver and one way that Veronica Grace keeps herself in tune with those less fortunate.

The Stuff People Spend Money On

Money Glasses photo by deltaMike

Christian Clifton believes we should strive towards a world that is less judmental. And that includes not judging how people spend their own money.

28 Ways to Spot a Real Man


Need a hero? Here’s 28 ways to spot a man that’ll be up to the job.

My Dad and the Eternal Kite

kite 2

Adam Barr’s father comes through for him on grey cold day with a kite.

Need Something to Fill You with Love and Hope? Watch the “Man Prayer” (Video)


“May I be a man who creates space rather than dominates it.” That is one of the opening lines to this breathtaking video created by Tony Stroebel called “Man Prayer”, with words by Eve Ensler. This video is a prayer and manifesto for all men about creating respect for all people, exuding compassion, and valuing […]