Coming Soon to a Bathroom Near You


or, How the Gender Neutral Bathroom Sign I Made is Being Manufactured and Donated to Colleges.

A Male Spirit Born Into A Female Body


Edie Weinstein discovered what happens when love ‘trans-cends’ gender.

How to Watch Ender’s Game Guilt-Free

ender's game

Feeling guilty about watching Ender’s Game because Orson Scott Card is a bigot? Jesse Manly proposes an idea that might ease your guilt.

Outgrowing Texas: A Gay Adolescence in the Lone Star State

rainbow flag

When people ask me how I survived growing up in Texas, I always admit that it sucked, but that I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. I’m proud of growing up there, and for out-growing it as well.

Because No One Should Be Bullied. Ever.

no bullying

JJ Vincent hopes that one day, we won’t need to share anti-bullying messages.

Anderson Cooper to Receive GLAAD Award

anderson cooper

GLAAD President Herndon Graddick announced on Saturday that Madonna will be presenting the award to Cooper in March.

How I Landed in the Ring with Azealia Banks & Perez Hilton


Janet Mock insists that if we’re going to call famous people out for their disparaging and abusive language, we need to call them all out, no matter what color or gender they are.

60 Reasons to be Proud in 2012

best sixty

Coming out in Hollywood in 2012 became a casual affair. Gone were the days of the “I’m Gay” cover photo.

Biting Bad Apples: The Truth About the “Ex-Gay” Movement


The conversion therapy business may be more about making money than setting you straight.

Kirk Cameron Outs Himself As A Homophobe

Screen shot 2012-03-04 at 10.01.13 AM

Nicole Johnson tells Kirk Cameron to grow up and drop the hate speech.

SNL’s Transphobic Punchline

SNL screenshot

Adam Polaski clears the air about the “Estro-maxx” sketch on this week’s “SNL.” If it’s all equal-opportunity comedy, how come the LGBT community isn’t laughing?