Drastic Measures Needed to Save Us From Ourselves

Latest OECD report indicates how much work is still required to save us (and the environment) from ourselves.

How the Energy Landscape in India is Quickly Changing

Solar prices in India could fall below that of coal within 5 years.

Why Do I Have to Tell the Republican Party the Opportunity Immigration Reform Presents

The immigration system is broken. I’ve got an idea. Let’s fix it.

Aftermath of Violence: Focusing On What’s Important

As we try to make sense of the recent terror attacks around the world, let’s not forget the power of our ability to stay connected.

On Global Campuses, Academic Freedom has its Limits

On global campuses, academic freedom has its limits.

Why A 4 Degree Global Temperature Rise Is The New Game In Town

Anthony Horton on how important it is to pay to attention to the rising rates of the Earth’s heat.

Viral Video Spoofs the Most Popular Sport in the World

See why both fans and non-fans of soccer around the world are cheering for the greatest fictional goalie of all time—Scott Sterling.

Let’s Argue About Something

Ken Goldstein wants to argue—-but also wants to know the point of the argument.

The Best Selfie Ever

Alex Chacon’s Youtube video collection of panoramic world-traveler selfies will inspire you want to plan a summer adventure.

5 Reasons to See the Truth of the Situation We Are In

Mike Sliwa believes the story we tell ourselves about ourselves is a story worth forgetting.

Son Aims to Fill Father’s Grammy-Award Winning Shoes

Thamsanqa Shabalala is bravely becoming the face of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, a renowned South African a cappella singing group.

The Most Dangerous Four-Letter Word

Dick Simon has found a single word that marginalizes, isolate and insult. That word is THEM.

How A Young Father’s Death Made me a Mentor

Although he didn’t plan to become a parent while still in college, Andre Dandridge took on the responsibility and years later has serviced more than 20,000 young fathers through his interactive educational website, YoungFathers.com

10 Wedding Traditions Worth Borrowing

Check out this list of you are looking for a unique tradition from around the world to incorporate into your wedding for a twist of your own.

A Case for the Magic Money Machine

I’m no economist, so I’m expecting that someone who understands global commerce better than I will set me straight. But until then…