8 Simple Tips for Turning Your Goals Into Accomplishments

8 Simple Tips by Paxson Woelber

Steve Spring helps you transform your goals from dreams to reality.

4 Choices You’ll Regret This Year


This is the time of year when too many people give up on their goals.

Mining Literature to Break Through to Our Dreams

Crushing 4 obstacles by frau-Vogel

A young writer finds gold in the prologue to “The Alchemist.”

You Need to Stop Seeking Purpose


Seeking purpose or creating purpose, which is a goal necessary for survival?

3 Keys to Becoming Your Own CIO


Paul Evans offers a three-step strategy to help you hit all of your goals. — In the corporate world, CIO stands for Chief Information Officer. It’s a job title commonly given to the information technology and computer systems executive. Let’s shift it just a bit and become CIO’s in our lives. This time, CIO stands […]

5 Things I’ve Learned About Motivating Myself and Achieving My Dreams

finish line

Joe Rutland understands that even at 50 years old chasing dreams is possible and noble.

5 Honest Reasons Why We Don’t Stick With Big Goals


This could be the greatest year of your life if you get honest about what’s held you back in the past.

Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions For Your Relationship? Why Not?

Trust me. I know what I'm doing.

Making relationship resolutions can be tough. There is still time if you think your partner is worth it.

Why 6-Week Goals are More Motivating than Your Resolutions

photo from death to stock photo

5 Reasons why 6-week goals are better than 52-week goals

Some Ideas for a New Approach to Personal Planning (a.k.a. New Years’ Resolutions)


Vaughan Granier takes the mystery out of keeping your resolutions on track all year long.

Let’s Make 2015 the Year of Secret Resolutions


Tempted to tell the world your exciting New Year’s resolutions? Don’t! In 2015, we should keep our goals secret.

What Will You Do With The Rest of This Year?


Every year many of us make New Years Resolutions that fade away a few months into the year. Kimanzi Constable explains why that’s OK.

10 Steps to Achieving Anything You Want

hero journey scott

Want more out of life? Scott Sonnon has a map.

An Empowering Message for Dream Chasers


Richard Taylor urges people to embrace being in between the dream.

How to Break The Myth of “Tomorrow”

Myth of Tomorrow

The mythical place we keep our dreams, this fantasy land called “tomorrow” – is a diversion we have to train ourselves to avoid and conquer.

Do You Owe it to the World to Share Your Failures?

1mad scientist

There is no shame in sharing what you’ve learned because it helps everyone.