There is no Plan, and That’s OK

no plan

Jaime Zepeda is leaving behind plans for something more, being open to life

What Makes You Happy?

Happiness photo by psd

Lynda Wallace describes four common misconceptions about happiness.

A Letter to Myself: Turning 25 and Perfecting the Pursuit


Adam Ornelas takes stock of his first quarter century. Despite setbacks in love and work, what he finds is inspiration to be the best man he can be.

So Your Wife Left You. Now What?

photo by londonmatt

Joe Berkeley knows what it is like to go through a gut-wrenching divorce. He has a few words of advice.

Why You Won’t Change in 2014: The Failure of Resolutions

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Justin Wisor believes resolutions rob us of the current moment, convincing us that where we are is not good enough.

New Year, New Masculinity

Men of Quality Support Gender Equality

Sebastian Molano shares a new resolution to pursue a “new masculinity.”

How To Make 2014 Your Year of Real Magic


Jacob Nordby, with The Temple of Dreams: A Parable of Your Possibility—on how to learn the power of “except”.

The Good Men Playlist: Choosing Your 2014 Montage Song

montage edited

If movies have taught me one thing it’s that you can’t reach your goal without an awesome montage song.

How to Deal with Divorce during the Holidays

How to Deal with Divorce during the Holidays, Sad Christmas, Your Tango, Good Men Project, Lonely Christmas, Sad and Lonely, Sad and Lonely during Christmas,

Divorce can be especially painful during the holidays. Laura Miolla gives these 7 tips for evolving into the New Year

What Does it Mean to Follow Your Dreams?


Ben Riggs shares the secret to abandoning the rat race and fullfilling your dreams.

What Happens When a Third-Grader Chases His Dreams? He Becomes a 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Has Made Dreams Happen

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 9.11.41 PM

Jeet Banerjee has failed at three start-up businesses. On his fourth try, he figured out the secret to success.

The Myth of “Tomorrow”

Myth of Tomorrow

The mythical place we keep our dreams, this fantasy land called “tomorrow” – is a diversion we have to train ourselves to avoid and conquer.

How PhysEd Destroyed My Confidence—And How I Got It Back Again


The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand promotes physical fitness through its BE ACTIVE campaign: Do what you can, enjoy what you do, be active and move your mood.

When Marriage Isn’t for Her

when marriage isnt for her photo by joccay

Can we get past the stereotype that marriage is about subverting all your dreams and desires?

How to Be a Purposeful Man


Matthew Hoffman felt out of his element as man until he realized the importance of purpose.

Why I Find It Important To Invest In Myself, First and Always

Invest in yourself Art by hiddenloop

When you wake up, write down three questions: what is my deepest goal, what is my deep reason why, and what are the reasons this is possible for me? Trust me, says Sandeep Gourkanti, this will change your life.