Golf: A Sport of Frailty and Redemption


Adam Crawford explains how the theme of redemption runs through the core of the sport of golf and why that attracts us to the game.

The Unexpected Lessons I Learned as a Caddie


He quit his job to live out his dream and for the love of golf. He learned four incredible life-lessons through the experience.

The Best of “Sports Explained . . .” for 2014


If you make only one resolution in 2015, make sure you resolve to checkout our “Sports Explained…” series every week. We promise you’ll flip over them— you’re welcome!

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One Man’s Vision to Tee Up Success for At-Risk Kids: Part 2


According to Howard Bankman, the best way to help at-risk kids is with healthy doses of golf, jazz and character.

One Man’s Vision to Tee Up Success for At-Risk Kids: Part 1


Howard Bankhead lives by the motto, “Anything Positive is Possible” and he has lived that out for the past 12 years helping at-risk kids learn life lessons one swing at a time.

Sports Explained: Golf

Golf - Caddyshack - GMP

From Caddyshack to Happy Gilmore. From Tiger to the Golden Bear. From Augusta to Pebble Beach. Wai Sallas, on Golf.

What Is It Like to Spend a Week with Dr. J?


How cool would it be to hang out with basketball great Dr. J for a week? This man did and tells you what it’s like.

The Most Amazing Mini Golf Hole-in-One You Will Ever See

hole in one

Just imagine the number of things that have to go right in order for a hole-in-one to happen.

Golf Digest’s Cover Reeks of Desperation


Members of the LPGA are rightly protesting Golf Digest’s decision to put non-golfer Paulina Gretzky on its cover. Liam Day believes it says as much about the sorry state of golf as it does about the continuing sexism in the publishing world.

The 4 Most Important Points in Bill Simmons’ Apology for Publishing a Piece Outing a Trans Woman

putter- makelessnoise-flickr

Other news organization can learn from Simmons’ candor about his organization’s grave errors of judgement and their failures to be curious.

The Competitive Edge: Why It’s Imperative We Teach Our Sons and Daughters To Compete

soccer photo by aidanmorgan

Alan Bishop worries we talk too much about the negative aspects of competition instead of focusing on all the positives.

Major Pain Comes Before Major Gain

jason dufner, golf, PGA

Tim O’Connor examines how Jason Dufner’s PGA Championship victory proved once again that to win spectacularly at most anything, you had to have failed spectacularly.

About Fathers and Sons and. . . Golf


Never as good as his father was, Liam Day hasn’t played golf in 5 years. But last week his father turned 76. Perhaps it’s time to get back out on the links for a final round or two.

Million Dollar Baby


Golfer Hunter Mahan walked away from a possible million-dollar payday to be at his daughter’s birth. Scott Behson says the overwhelmingly positive reaction demonstrates society’s attitudes towards fathers’ roles are changing.

Hunter Mahan Withdraws From Tournament He Was Winning To Witness Birth Of First Child

Hunter Mahan AP photo

Mahan walked away from a potential million-dollar prize the minute he heard his wife was going into labor.