Why I Write – To Create Fiction that Tells it Like it Really Is

Romantic Triptic

Subverting heterosexual narratives, challenging the black and white of good and evil, and turning worn out hero myths on their heads; all in a day’s escape for this novelist.

“I was the cause of some hurt to a dear friend recently. Here’s how I handled it.”

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If They Were Somebody. They Are Somebody.


Caring deeply for Guantánamo Bay detainees is not un-American.

Shame and Violence: The Connecticut School Shooting and Hate


Tragedy comes from repressed shame, not from being too permissive with people.

Chuck Klosterman and the Inspiration to Keep Trying at Goodness


Jake DiMare lays bare his insecurities about writing for the Good Men Project, but finds renewed motivation from famous author, Chuck Klosterman.

“Good” or “Evil”? Not So Fast!


Peter Pollard’s friend Roger changed his understanding of “good” and “bad” people.