Can a Modern Man Be Defined by the Clothes He Wears? You Bet.

Real men need an outfit that is as versatile as they are. #Dockers

What Makes A Man A Good Father?

The prerequisites for being a father are scarce. Anyone can be a father, but what does it mean to be a good one? — A few days ago I received the following email from a reader, a touching plea for help: “I feel my twin 14-year-old son’s deserve more than someone like me. I messed up […]

The Best Things About Mid Life

Chris Forte gives himself some advice on how to be a Good Man.

A Daughter Reveals Why Her Dad Plays Sad Songs

Michelle Barney has a great dad. The only songs he liked were sad ones, however. One day she found out why. Now she wrote this to try to soothe his soul.

A Dad Shares the Secret on How to Love Them Even When They Act Unlovable

Dad blogger Daniel has been shocked at the moments his little angels turn into little devils. He is ready to toss in the towel until one thought crosses his mind and changes his whole perspective. Here it is.

A Dad Declares “My Son is Nothing Like Me, Fortunately!”

This dad was not brought up to feel confident. He felt scared and helpless. It is his goal that he raise his own son to be nothing like that.

I Went From the “Guy In the Dress” to “Great Dad”

This is the story of one guy’s evolution from “the guy in the dress” to a candidate for world’s most compassionate dad.

I Have a Dream: That People Will View a Picture Like This and Not Think It’s a Big Deal

The only thing Doyin Richards wanted to do was get his daughter ready for school. He had no idea the viral outrage that would cause.

A Gay Dad Wonders…Do My Kids Deserve a Mom?

Jerry Mahoney suggest we look at all of the forces involved in parenting before judging whether single sex parents are “good” or “bad”.

Damn dude, you got daddy skills…

A humorous commentary on how life changes when you enter the brave world of extra-early mornings, advanced diaper-changing technique, and the ins and outs of playground etiquette. From Sam D. feat. DJDave.

Are Courts Indifferent to Dads Who Need Child Support? One Father’s Story

Cardinal Oscar Moncur loves, provides for, and cares for his three daughters, while his wife does nothing for them. Why won’t the courts enforce their divorce agreement?

She Called for Me, Not Her Mom

Unlike his father, Steven Axelrod turned away from Hollywood and back toward his family—and found joy.

Screw Cliff Huxtable

Jim Higley says he’s the dad worthy of emulation.

A Daughter’s Memories on Father’s Day

Raelene Weaver recounts time spent with her father and the impression that he left on her life.


According to Louis C.K., being a good dad doesn’t take away your manhood, it creates it. Go figure.