A Dad Looks Back on His Drug Addicted Father Without Regrets


Joe’s feelings towards his dad have always been complicated. He was never been able to really express his opinion about it until he applied it to his own life. He has gained new perspective, and shares it here.

My Husband Gets up with the Baby — and It Saves Our Marriage


With every nighttime diaper he changes and every swaddle he perfects, I feel like he is saying, “We’re in this together.”

What Is A Dad, Anyway?

As a new father, Casey Palmer already knew what it meant to be a good mom in today’s society, but what does it mean to be a good dad?

Ask Dear Dad: The Mom Who is ‘Stuck’ But Wants More Kids


Brian Gawlak advises a wife who is wondering how to make her husband feel like a better dad.

It’s Time to Change the Way We Look at Dads

Its Time to Change by Mic

Say bye-bye to the pop culture stereotype of the bumbling, incompetent father, and meet the real 21st-century dad.

These Dads Have Superhuman Reflexes When It Comes To Their Kids


These superhero Dads are absolutely nailing it, left right and center.

The Winter of My Discontent: Ex-Partners and Co-Parents


She wasn’t always mad. But she got mad at some point and stayed that way.

6 Times Dads Totally Won in 2014


2014 was definitely the year of the dad.

Black Male Educators Doing Great Things; The Ronnie Thomas Story

Ronnie Thomas

Ronnie Thomas Discusses the Importance of STEM Programs

6 Things Dads Do That You Won’t See in Popular Culture


This is what today’s dads are really like.

Dad Hacks Daughter’s Hair Tie

Hair Tie Hack Squirrel Junkie:Flickr

We all know that some dads are true artists with their daughter’s hair.

Stop the Stereotypes and Give Black Dads their Due

3521356407_dda23147b7_z (1)

Mia Birdsong says it’s time to elevate examples of engaged Black fathers in America and stamp out stereotypes

“Good Dads” A TV Show That Smashes Stereotypes


Will Conley gives a behind the scenes look at an upcoming docudrama that will highlight the complex realities faced by millions of single young fathers every day.

How Do You Begin To Eulogize Your Father?

Michael and his father, Michael Sr.

It is not enough to say that he was a good man, or even a great man. My father’s love is the blueprint by which I love. By Michael Strange.

Dad, Can I Have Another Sandwich?

Rubber Duckie

JJ Vincent went back for more of David Laferriere’s sandwich bags, and found more than he expected.

The Paranoia of Not Being a Good Dad


The terrifying truth about marriage and fatherhood is that you don’t know if you’re going to suck at it until you’re already committed. Nate Bagley explores his fears.