For the Family He Never Wanted, He Became a Better Man and Father

A man on the edge, he hadn’t planned on settling with this specific woman. He then became the kind of father and husband we grow to respect.

Why This Young Dad is Training to be a Fantastic Grandfather

Many men hope they can be the best dad they can for their kids. Jason Williams has set his sites differently. He wants to be the best grandfather he can be for his kids’ future children. Here is why.

My Father Told Me That Having a Gay Son Made Him a Better Person

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Pretty Rad For A Dad by Murray Galbraith – Kickstarter Campaign

Campaign seeks to profile dads from all walks of life to create a snapshot of contemporary fatherhood.

Being a Dad is Being Present

Heather Gray has real advice for new dads: You are important. You are necessary. You matter.

The Empty Space: Absentee Parenting

It’s bad enough that you weren’t prepared to be a father, but failing to be there for your kids and not holding yourself accountable for who they become is even worse.

Living With Voices

Joe Holt is a schizophrenic who hears voices that tell him how horrible he is. “There is nothing I can do to convince myself those voices aren’t real.”