The Superpower in Us All: Lessons From My Father

John Patrick Weiss learned what it was to be a good man from his father, who was a superhero of the everyday variety.

100 Words on Love: My Father

A girl’s never too old to love her dad.

“Be A Man!” The War Cry, The Tragedy.

In this excerpt from his new book, The Remade Parent, author Brett Hetherington, talks about the typical cold, distant father. And their impressionable sons.

A New Dad Asks, If Male Violence Is the Biggest Threat to Women—How Do I Raise a Kind Son?

The idea of having a baby boy scared me: What kind of man will he grow up to be? Here’s what I learned about what it takes to raise compassionate men.

“As a father, these photos warmed my heart and reminded me of the joys of being a father.”

These are comments by Archy, Jon D, and Michael Taylor on the post “This is What Real Fatherhood Looks Like”.

My Father’s Ponytails: A Love Story

My father wants me to mix his ashes with the ponytails that he has saved in plastic bags. All things considered, this seems like a reasonable final directive.

Father’s Day Fiction Special: Dad Did the Best He Could

In part 4 of the Moustache Club’s Father’s Day Fiction Special, Oliver Bateman tells the story of a father whose life plan has gone awry.

The Good Father

In part three of the Moustache Club’s Father’s Day Fiction Special, Oliver Lee Bateman examines the fate of an overprotective father.

Video: In The Trenches of Daddy-hood, 3 Year Old Drama Queen

Video of a tired 3 year old who claims her little bowl is too heavy to lift. And she’s a good actress! But what stands out in this video is the patient daddy behind the camera!

When Being Good Doesn’t Bring Good Results

Divorce can be a messy thing. Sometimes, it takes all you have, and then some.

The Talk: How ‘Futurama’ Broke The Ice

“It was time for The Talk. Only I wasn’t ready. I started giggling and acting like a 13-year-old, deflecting serious inquiries by shouting, “Snu-Snu! Snu-Snu! Snu-Snu!”

A Daughter’s Memories on Father’s Day

Raelene Weaver recounts time spent with her father and the impression that he left on her life.

Cuddle Hormone Affects Dads Too

On Friday we wrote about oxytocin, the “hormone of love” that plays a key role in mother-baby bonding and heightened empathy in men. New research has found that the level of cuddle hormone in men spikes in the weeks just after their baby is born.

Man of the Day: Angry Dad-Cop From San Jose

Okay, so this guy— a San Jose city cop who mock-arrested a 15-year old boy for having sex with his daughter—isn’t exactly good. Or bright. The cop reportedly told the boy, “a cop’s daughter is not somebody you mess around with,” as he applied hand cuffs. The boy’s father caught the “arrest” on video with […]

Welcome to Dad Camp

VH1’s new reality show, Dad Camp, wants its young dads to man up. Good luck with that.