Lost Recordings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Add Insight to His Legacy

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Newly discovered recordings of Dr. King reveal rare insights on how his trip to Africa influenced his life, teachings and philosophy.

#GMPChat: Gratitude in Unsettling Times

GMPchat Gratitude

How do we stay grateful in challenging times? Join our #GMPChat on Twitter Wednesday, 9pm Est

Garth Brooks Brings Thousands to Tears

GB - Piet Levy

Jana Craft describes the Garth Brooks concert that brought the room to tears and gave hope and encouragement to a woman battling cancer.

“What Are You Reading For?”: Why I Read to My Bilingual Child

“What Are You Reading For?”: Why I Read to My Bilingual Child

Stephen Greene argues that his experiences with raising his bilingual son in Brazil have reinforced the importance of making time to read together every night.

Man Gives Homeless Man $1000 Lottery Ticket.


One of the most beautiful human moments I’ve ever seen.

Video: Men Are Trained To Think of Each Other as Animals

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Men and boys worldwide are caught in cycles and storms that leave us speaking to one another in a language of violence.

Here’s What I Say to My Fellow Black Gay Men (Video)

Here's What I Say to My Fellow Black Gay Men

Dr. Vibe has a discussion with a member of the black gay community about the black community at-large, the gay rights movement, and the entire nation.

What Can America Learn From Nelson Mandela? (Video)

South Africa Mandela

Dr. Vibe and his allies discuss the legacy of Nelson Mandela, and what possible lessons Americans could learn from him.

10 Reasons I Only Read Articles That Are Lists

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Celebrating the dawn of a new literary art form. Or not.

Video: When Worlds Collide – Comedian Silences Room With Heartbreaking Honesty

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Comedian Anthony Griffith got up on stage at the Aspen Comedy Arts Festival and silenced the room… but it wasn’t an awkward silence.

Video: “3 AM” – Slam Poetry About Modern Manhood

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Carlos Andrés Gómez and Adam Falkner’s poem about the swirling messages about violence and sexuality in modern manhood.

Nobel Sends Amazing Tweet to Peace Prize Winner


Just minutes before announcing that the OPCW would win Nobel Prize folks were desperately trying to get ahold of them… via Twitter?

Pastor Admits “Rape the Gay Away” of Four Teen Boys – Serves NO Jail Time

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Twelve people have come forward with charges of sexual assault, and still Brent Girouex will be set free.

PRISM: Privacy Revoked in Security Measure

I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.

The NSA spies on us. All of us. All the time. Greg Olear wonders why we aren’t more pissed off about it.

Open Thread: What’s Your Freedom Story?

Thunderdome at Burning Man

There are two kinds of freedoms: Freedom “to” and freedom “from” … What’s your freedom narrative?

This Cheerios Ad is NOT Controversial

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What’s controversial about the Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family is not the fact that the parents are of different races…