The Hero in Each of Us

There comes a moment when our very manhood is up for grabs.

She’s the One

Tom Matlack talks to married men to find out when they knew their wife was “the one.”

26 Things I’ve Learned From Being a Dad

Fatherhood has changed Tom Matlack for the better.

Male Bonding is a Good Thing

Tom Matlack insists that it’s not a lack of emotion guys are suffering from, but rather the lack of understanding of what it means to be a man in 2012.

A Manly List of Summer Fun

Tom Matlack puts together a man’s man list of things that have made this summer truly awesome.

Why Being a Good Man is Not a Feminist Issue

In the end I think we all want the same thing: a new kind of macho in which men are allowed to express themselves as fully formed human beings who change diapers, are capable of intimacy, do meaningful work, and aspire to goodness in whatever way they define it.

Are You Faithful?

Tom Matlack wants to know: what constitutes infidelity? Looking at porn? Chatting with an old flame on Facebook? Guys weigh in.

The Sweetest Sound

During my waking life I’ve always been tormented by noise—voices in my brain that turned terror into self-hatred.

No Poetry, No Gender War, No Bullshit

Tom Matlack discusses the popular men’s movements and why the Good Men Project stands apart.

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The New Macho

What does it mean to be ‘assertively, self-consciously male’ now?

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I Hate Rich Guys. Or Do I?

If real life is so much more important than money, Tom Matlack writes, then why do so many men care about being rich?

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The Paradox of Male Honesty

Joel Stein, Amanda Marcotte, Tom Miller, Dan Barrett and Todd Mauldin in a Socratic Roundtable about Honesty.

What Is Generosity?

In a series of emotional vignettes, Tom Matlack searches for the true nature of generosity.

Goodness Isn’t a Game

Tom Matlack laments that more men interest themselves in reviews of computer games than accounts of goodness. He also laments that he’s aggravating the problem.

I Love Pain

Tom Matlack’s obsession with pain is just a way to drown out his psychic angst.

A Place of Hope

Tom Matlack interviewed David Hirschberg, Amy Corbett, and Nikki Valila, who serve girls with risky behaviors. They also lead a treatment center for teenage girls who have been sexually exploited.