When You Lose a Good Man: 5 Lessons for Daily Living


You know when you’re on the phone with your favorite person in the whole world and you can tell they are getting tired, but you aren’t ready to hang up yet? That’s how it feels to be teetering on the edge of losing someone you love. It’s excruciating. In the three weeks between his cancer […]

Why Is It So Hard To Be A Good Man?

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What makes a good man? And how can we make that a consistent goal for men to achieve?

That Time When A Root Canal Taught Me About Life and Baseball

Root Canal

Throbbing tooth and heartache, I sat on the bench as my starting position was given away. It changed the way I valued baseball, and many years later, life.

11 Reasons Good Men Won’t Cheat

good men don't cheat

A good man has no interest in pursuing other women because he’s too busy finding new ways to love the one he already has.

Under The Tough Exterior of Tough Juice: The Evolution of the NBA’s Caron Butler


Mike Kasdan speaks with the NBA’s Caron Butler and learns that athletes can rise above and be role models.

What Great Sex Means To Good Men

Woman and man kissing

Jordan Gray says that men are not the selfish, sex-crazed people that they’re often made out to be. —– Over the past six years I have talked privately with over a thousand men about the most personal details of their sex lives. I have seen their tears, heard the worries, and encouraged their abilities as […]

Sudden Downpour


Angel Garcia’s speaker is “trying to be a good man” even as he finds himself faced with the oldest of temptations.

The Last Taxi Ride: A Talk With A.X. Ahmad About His Sensual Thriller

AX Small pic

A.X. Ahmad talks about writing, how he created a fast-moving thriller that was so sensually descriptive, surprise endings–and of course, some thoughts on being a good (or not so good) man.

Teen Refuses to Walk At Graduation Without Twin Brother

coppola twins

17-year-old Austin Coppola wanted to share the spotlight with someone special.

Man Saves Squirrel with CPR, Friends Call Him ‘Squirrel Hero” [Video]

Rick Gruber and the squirrel

“C’mon, little guy. You can’t die.” -Rick Gruber, Pool Repairman and Squirrel Saver

Old People Love Sex Too (6 Illusions About Age And Sex)

Illusions About Age and Sex photo by

Graham Phoenix questions the stereotypes of older men having sexual performance issues and older women having physical attraction issues. He shatters 6 illusions about age and sex for men and women.

Selfishly Good

family-selfishly-good-Karan Jain

Jon Magidsohn questions if a man can stay in his comfortable world and still be “good”.

VIDEO: Heartwarming Thai Commercial Shows Good Man As Spiritual Force

good man

In our media world, our heroes are depicted aiming a gun. This good man is a different kind of force.

The Ultimate Everyday Superhero

Wait until you see what's under the bar...

JJ Vincent thinks that this superhero needs to be everywhere. At all times.

10 Things Men Need To Start Doing To Become Gentlemen Again


How to be a gentleman in the 21st century, minus any creepy, unintended sexism.

Loving a Good Man

He's a good man. They both are.

Looking back on relationships, good and bad, Cindy Gericke has a found her list of ways to love a good man.