10 Things Men Need To Start Doing To Become Gentlemen Again


How to be a gentleman in the 21st century, minus any creepy, unintended sexism.

Loving a Good Man

He's a good man. They both are.

Looking back on relationships, good and bad, Cindy Gericke has a found her list of ways to love a good man.

See How a Small Good Deed Pays Off…30 Years Later

One small kindness. One big reward.

It’s the tiny, unsung acts of everyday heroism that can make the biggest waves.

Too Proud to Apologize to My Own Daughter

Dad and daughter

Sam Radford wants to be the kind of Dad who is big enough and humble enough to own up to the times he feels he’s not the Dad his daughter deserves. That means he has to never hide away from saying sorry.

This is Not What You’d Expect a Cop to Do When He Pulls Over

Dashcam video

If you are expecting to see something out of “Cops”, think again.

Being a Good Man Isn’t Being a Good Person

Good, Goodness, Good Person, Good Man

If being a good man isn’t being a good person, why should men do it?

Dear ‘Daddy’ in Seat 16C

You smiled at her and she said: "Hi, Daddy, that's my mom."

A middle seat. A man with a briefcase. A little girl. And grateful mother Shanell Mouland.

Good Man: Powerlifter Jon Stoklosa

Powerlifter John Stoklosa

JJ Vincent introduces you to a powerlifter who’s very ordinary – and very unusual.

Want to Talk? This Guy Will Listen

What's your superpower?

Not all superheroes wear tights, and not all superpowers are BIG. See this guy use his awesome-but-simple power for good.

The Conversation No One Else is Having


We have pioneered the largest worldwide conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century.

“Is there ever a circumstance where the victim shoulders some of the blame/responsibility for their assault? For me the answer is no.”

photo by andrew bain

This comment is by Nadine, to Archy, on the post “Rape Culture: What it is and how it works?”

Man Runs Through Flames to Save Sleeping Baby

Friend saves sleeping baby

This is what good looks like.

Happy Stanislav Petrov Day


What can one good man do? Well, every once in a while, he can save the world.

16 Ways to Not Be a Shit Guy


Mike Nicholson has some rules that remind him where that line is.

Men’s Goodness Hinges on Hearing Women’s Voices: A Response to Tom Matlack

photo by knowingPark

Hugo Schwyzer sees a world where men can be better, happier and different by including women’s voices in the telling of stories about men.

A War is a War is a War. Or is it?


Brandon Ferdig wants to give conditional, not unilateral, support for the troops. And he wonders if that’s okay.