The Not-So-Dolce Vita

Three months after we married, Celia and I up and moved to Italy. Six months later we returned to the States, almost broke and, somehow, still married.

HLN: Julio Medina Giving Back to Inmates at Sing Sing (VIDEO)

How one ex-inmate is helping others have a second chance at life.


A member of the 82nd Airborne survives the war but returns to lose his daughter in his arms just outside Fort Bragg.

Helping Ex-Convicts Reintegrate

Good Men Project contributor Juilo Medina knows how hard it is for an ex-convict to get work. He was one.

Book Excerpt: Whatever It Takes

Few people shape who you are as a father as much as your own father. In this week’s installment of the Good Men Project Book series, Ricardo Federico tells the universal story of revealing his impending fatherhood to his dad … and what he took away from that conversation.

Book Excerpt: Resolution

A bloody forehead, a bad back, and a train wreck later, Joseph Levens’ New Year’s resolution pays off. An excerpt from the Good Men Project book.

Good Men on Paper

The brainchild of our very own Tom Matlack, the book is a collection of essays—very much like those that we publish over at the magazine—which explore what it truly means to be a good man. But don’t take it from us, ask Zinta Aistars.

Rolf Gates on Fox 25

It’s that time of week again when Fox 25 runs its Good Men Project segment.

The Good Men Project Joins Up with … Penthouse?

Yep, you read that right. Tom Matlack has agreed to let Penthouse run five essays from the Good Men Project book. How did Tom come to this decision? Isn’t Penthouse exactly what the Good Men Project is trying not to be? Tom addresses these questions in his piece, “A Match Made in Heaven?” He doesn’t […]