Overcoming Unexpected Stage Fright

Edie Weinstein Storytelling

When Edie Weinstein took the stage to tell a story, she wasn’t prepared to be afraid. Here’s how she got through it.

Do You Remember Your First Love?

TGF Storytelling GMP

Thomas Fiffer tells a heartening tale of young love, tragic loss, and unexpected redemption—performed at The Good Men Project LIVE Storytelling in New York City.

For Dads, It Has Been a Profound Week of Gifts


The Good Men Project conducts the significant conversation that needs to be had about men in our society. Here are the poignant issues we covered this week, not just about men, but dads specifically.

Who Wears the Pants?

Who Wears by Jamie McCaffrey

Edie Weinstein looks at modern male-female relationship dynamics.

Father-son outing results in a catch of a lifetime…


Eight year old lands 57″ Monster Muskie while fishing with his father

Why Time Is Not Money

We Can't Bank Time by Judy Clement Wall

Editor’s Note: Recently, Good Men Project Executive Editor Thomas Fiffer posted the following quote on Facebook: We can’t really save time, the way we save money or a natural resource by not using it. There is no time bank or strategic reserve. We can only decide to stop squandering time and use what we have […]

Why We Run: The Freedom To Be

Why We Run 16 20

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up.”

-Dean Karnazes

Call for Submissions: Things You Wish Men Knew About Working with Women

things you wish men knew about working with women photo by gratisography post by Dale Thomas Vaughn

If you are reading this on the Good Men Project, chances are you dig equality among the sexes.

It’s Time to Change the Way We Look at Dads

Its Time to Change by Mic

Say bye-bye to the pop culture stereotype of the bumbling, incompetent father, and meet the real 21st-century dad.

What was your first album, and how did your parents react?

Your First Album and Your Parents Reaction

Music is a powerful influence on your son. Stay calm, ask questions and use the music to educate your son about life

Why I Joined the Good Men Project, Not the Good Person Project


Can we talk about sex differences?

In Business, Don’t Start with Why, Start with Love

Overnight Successes

The secret to becoming an overnight success in business is not simply about starting with why… it’s about starting with love.

From Small-Town to Big Dreams, How to Make the Big Leap

Leap - Dale Thomas Vaughn

Ever envied someone who gets to do what they love to do at work? Somebody who seems fulfilled by his or her day job? The travel writer, or the gourmet chef, or the physical therapist? These people have found careers that fit their passions instead of fishing for passions in a chosen career. It sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Business Link of the Week: Emma Watson Tells World’s CEOs “Women Need to Be Equal”

Emma Watson at Davos

Emma Watson, best known as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter films, spoke this week at the World Economic Forum about the importance of including women as equal participants in economic leadership.

Mark Greene is Remaking Manhood, One Article at a Time

Remaking Manhood by Mark Greene

When Mark Greene looked back at his published work on The Good Men Project, he realized he was remaking manhood. And a book was born.