Grandfathers and ‘Seasoned Dads’ Have Found Their Voices in the ‘Dads and Families’ Section


If you are a grandfather or ‘seasoned’ dad with grown children, we would love to hear your story and/or advice. Not a writer? No problem, we would love to interview you!

A Dad’s Fathers Day Gift to His Daughters: Himself


Tony Amore knows more than he thinks about being a dad. Like it or not, he is giving himself to his daughters as their present this and every year. Being there for them is what he has to offer. — “This should be easy,” my wife says to me. “Just write about what makes you […]

A Dad Discovers How to Encourage His Child’s Failures


Mathew Lajoie knows how to cheer on his kids when they succeed. What happened when he observed another child fail made him realize what needs to be done when kids DON’T succeed. Here is his story.

Why “Great” Dads Like Me are Not “Great,” We are Just Dads, and That’s OK


Dad Glenn has found that the bar for him being considered a “great dad” is set pretty low. Here is a snapshot of his parenting. Is it greatness or just being a dad?

Your Son Has Been Sexually Assaulted – 5 Things You Must Do

young boy

We can’t always protect our sons from sexual assault. But we can help them heal. Here is how to begin.

Raising Compassionate Boys: Compassion for Racist

Neo Nazi march

A racist confronts a 4 year old and teaches Kozo Hattori a valuable lesson about compassion and parenting.

Five Ways The Disney Channel Is Undoing Your Good Parenting

dis copy

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks the Disney Channel preteen lineup shows room for improvement. I have some issues with the pre-teen/teen Disney Channel shows. Truth be told, I haven’t spent more than ten minutes watching any single of them but, from those brief encounters, I’ve formed an opinion that they are undoing good parenting and I don’t think kids […]

I’m a Terrible, Awful Parent


Does our childish behavior make us bad parents? William Lucas Walker shares a snapshot of his own experience.

Fear and Loathing in Pittsburgh: The Online Mauling of a Parent Just Like You


Angry commenters rushed to persecute a woman whose son fell to his death at the Pittsburgh Zoo. If it’s true that horrific accidents could happen to any parent, why can’t we accept that?

Five “Christian Parenting” Ideas to Let Go of

I found lots of “What not to do” parenting stories in the Bible. Is there a good model for parents today in scripture?