Superheroes: Allegories or Entertainment?

Are there life lessons to be learned from superheroes?

Pulling A Stranger From A Burning Car

With seconds to spare, two strangers pull a woman from a burning car, and we are all reminded that we can be heroes.

3-Year-Old Calls 911, Saves Mom’s Life

3-year-old Guy Fritzsche, of Mesa, Arizona,was honored with the Good Samaritan award on Thursday by the city of Mesa, for saving his mother’s life earlier this month.

Horror Interrupts The Routine of a Grocery Store and Humanity Emerges.

A stranger saves a chocking child while checking-out at a grocery store.

Good Samaritans Rescue Man in Wheelchair After Falling on the Subway Track in DC

The unidentified man in the wheelchair was trying to get closer to read a metro sign when he “plummeted” off the platform — face first.

OPEN THREAD: Men as Heroes and Villains

The death of a Good Samaritan has us wondering: if we viewed men differently, would we see fewer men killed for defending those in distress?

VIDEO: How To Handle A Bear

Brighten your day in one minute flat.

“If you WERE in a fight last night, please clean the blood off BEFORE you hop on public transit.”

This is a comment by GirlGlad4TheGMP on the post “How to Ride a Bus”.

I Was Just Trying to Help

Does doing good deeds mean you have to think nice thoughts?