Man Decides To Follow Son On His Daily Walk, Finds Him Feeding Stray Dogs (Photos)


Article. Of. The. Year.

Goodness and the Sliding Scale of Time

photo by williambrawley

“Yesterdays goodness isn’t good enough”, says Jackie Summers

The Completely Competent Male

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Jedah Mayberry asks us to imagine a new kind of ideal man: the competent, un-selfconscious male, who over and over puts himself out there and respects anyone he connects with.

This Is Rage 1: In Tres Partes Divisa Est


“Silicon Valley parties are notoriously dour.” So begins This is Rage. We will be serializing the book, chapter by chapter. This is chapter one.

We All Have Our Defining Moments

photo by rutlo

Nick Charney remembers how a corporate culture empowered him to act for the good of others.

On Paula Deen and the Pervasiveness of Racism


Crucifying Paula Deen for her racism is a way of denying our own.

The Father That I Loved

lisa dad

For any given memory, Lisa Hickey will always choose to remember the good.

Keeping our Past a Secret


You must deal with your past, or eventually it will deal with you.

“The phrases ‘I don’t see race’ and ‘I’m colorblind’ are problematic because they assume there is something wrong with color.”


This is a comment by Jimbo on the post “”I Don’t See Race”: Racial Color Blindness and Eradicating Racism”.

Is Howard Stern a “Good Man”?

howard stern

Peter Greyson wants to be able to like the good qualities of Howard Stern without remorse.

What Is Good?

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Goodness is a thing that we each have to define for ourselves and set out for with an open mind and a strong heart.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”


This comment was from Ovik Banerjee, on the post “This Much I Know to Be True” by The Good Men Project founder, Tom Matlack.

“Conversation is always a good thing. Ignoring a problem has never resulted in a solution.”

photo by search engine blog people

This comment was by John Weeast, on Tom Matlack’s post This Much I Know To Be True

“Is there ever a circumstance where the victim shoulders some of the blame/responsibility for their assault? For me the answer is no.”

photo by andrew bain

This comment is by Nadine, to Archy, on the post “Rape Culture: What it is and how it works?”

Is Morality Relevant? Commenter ‘The Wet One’ Responds to Tom Matlack

photo by stewdean

GMP commenter ‘The Wet One’ responds to Tom Matlack’s post ‘What Does Male Evil Look Like?’

Are State Lotteries a Good Idea?


Brandon Ferdig wonders whether his state of Minnesota should gamble on its citizens’ susceptibility.