4 Signs Marriage Therapists Use To Predict Divorce – and How to Turn it Around

Fix these things or get ready to say goodbye.

A Teenage Boy’s Letter to His Older Brother Leaving Home

boys letter to his brother by author

Gabriel Goldstein sends off his older brother to military service with a moving portrait of their brotherly bond.

A Farewell

Dear Tumblr, We’re leaving you. We’re going to brighter, bigger pastures, that have better interfaces, commenting systems that make any goddamn sense, and fewer .gif walls. We’re leaving you. For wordpress. Seriously, though. To our shock, delight, and moderate trepidation, Gen!Der!Fight! has been picked up by the Good Men Project, so the whole blog is […]

The 10 at 10


Politicians could become avatars, Colbert defends Planned Parenthood, and dictators are terrible authors.