Tax Cuts Don’t Always Work


The Republican agenda of massive tax cuts for the wealthy no matter what is leading to fiscal disaster in Kansas.

Our Post-Policy House Of Representatives


Republicans in the House seem to think that Beltway spin wars are more important than governing.

GOP and Dem Leaders Hold Hands, Sing “We Shall Overcome”


A moment meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been called awkward, hilarious and beautiful. Here’s the video. Where do you stand?

What The Election In Mississippi Means


Thad Cochran’s victory in the Republican primary yesterday has some big implications for the landscape of American politics.

Christie And Walker Are Doomed

Chris Christie

The latest news in Chris Christie’s and Scott Walker’s respective scandals means they will almost certainly not get to be the Republican nominee in 2016.

Eric Cantor’s Tea Party Blues


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s loss in a primary last night tells us a lot of about the state of the GOP.

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Partisan Side


One of the biggest myths in American politics is that the other side is always doing much better than you are.

Understanding Bergdahlgate


The Republican fury over the release of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl has more to do with the current state of the GOP than anything Obama did.

Where Are Conservatives’ New Ideas?


Conservatives still have a hard time coming up with new ideas to address the problems in our changing world.

No The Democrats Are Not Doomed In November


Despite all the hype otherwise, the 2014 elections are hardly set in stone.

The Republican Road Not Traveled


Has the Republican Party’s strategy of obstruction during the Obama years really been that shrewd?

Immigration Reform Is All About The Republican


When it comes to passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill President Obama just doesn’t matter that much.

Republican Leaves GOP Over Antigay Agenda, Writes Letter Calling Out Colleagues


This Michigan State Representative decided that he wanted to be on the right side of family and history.

The Strange Death of David Camp’s Tax Reform

Man Filling out Tax Form

The end of a GOP tax reform bill shows the weakness of Republican reformers.

Are Republicans Abandoning the Disabled?


A few extreme conservative groups are forcing the GOP to block a landmark international treaty on the rights of persons with disabilities.

Thank You Mr. Hansen

thank you Mr. Hansen

Mark Boles would like to see an NFL team owner lead from the top.