The Strange Death of David Camp’s Tax Reform

Man Filling out Tax Form

The end of a GOP tax reform bill shows the weakness of Republican reformers.

Are Republicans Abandoning the Disabled?


A few extreme conservative groups are forcing the GOP to block a landmark international treaty on the rights of persons with disabilities.

Thank You Mr. Hansen

thank you Mr. Hansen

Mark Boles would like to see an NFL team owner lead from the top.

No, You Can’t Rank The Republican 2016 Field Yet


Despite the efforts of various pundits, at this point you really can’t rank the Republicans vying the 2016 presidential nomination.

Reading Paul Ryan’s Mind


The political media should focus on the impact of Paul Ryan’s policies, not try to read his mind.

Paul Ryan’s Big Lebowski Moment

paul ryan AP

Republican threats to hold the debt ceiling hostage again are pretty silly.

Why Won’t The Death Panel Myth Die?


Years after it was debunked, Republicans are still hawking Sarah Palin’s “death panel” myth.

The Awfulness of Rafael Cruz


Rafael Cruz’s unfortunate outbursts highlights one of the biggest problems with the modern Republican Party.

Chris Christie and Those Pesky Social Issues


Chris Christie’s liberal stance on social issues are not going to doom his candidacy for the White House.

The Coming Republican Blame Game


Republicans need to look beyond their usual suspects to see how they lost the shutdown fight so badly.

Will the Republicans Just Give In?


The Republican Party is in disarray in the wake of the shutdown it created. The only question that remains is how soon until they cave.

How GOP Extremism Shut Down the Government


The government shutdown shows the consequences of the GOP’s changing political tactics in recent years.

The Government Shutdown Gold Mine

John Boehner

If you want to know why the Republican Party does so many crazy things these days, just follow the money.

Was Romney Right All Along?


The latest push by Mitt Romney’s supporters to show him being vindicated over the last year really just shows what was wrong with his campaign in the first place.

Adventures in Republican Minority Outreach


If the GOP still wants to connect with minority voters, showing up would be a good place to start.

Dear Chris Christie, You Can’t Skip Iowa


Some are calling for Chris Christie to skip the Iowa Caucuses, if he does, he’s doomed.