What If The GOP Wins In November?

If the Republicans take the White House in November we’ll see big tax cuts and big deficits.

Rubio Surges Ahead

Feel free to ignore all those the early polls, Marco Rubio is pulling ahead where it really matters.

Ben Carson’s Big Payday

A number of Republican candidates for the presidency seem more interested in becoming rich than becoming president. Here’s a question you rarely hear asked: how interested is Dr. Ben Carson, who is currently leading polling in Iowa, in actually interested in becoming president? On one level he seems to be, after all he has announced […]

Did Jeb Bush Just Blunder Over The Shooting In Oregon?

Individual gaffes rarely matter in the long run, but nobody running for president want’s the reputation of being a blunderer.

Another Republican Contender Bites The Dust

Scott Walker’s decision to drop out of the presidential race shows the Republican Party is narrowing in on a nominee pretty quickly.

So Long Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s decision to drop out last week shows how presidential nomination cycles really work.

Calls in Immigration Battles to Return to Days of Slavery

Vicious, hateful rhetoric out of the mouths of Republicans roars a backwards mindset, the dehumanization of immigrants as segments they wish to continue to isolate.

Donald Trump: The Bully at the Pulpit

Do we truly understand our own complicity in the bullying we see in our schools and in the pulpit? Until we address such behavior, we will never truly solve the problem

Donald Trump Is Never Going To Be President

Trump’s antics in the race for the Republican presidential nomination may make for great entertainment, but he still is never going to be president.

Can Rand Paul Still Win?

All the signs point to Rand Paul having already lost his bid to be the Republican nominee in 2016.

Why Donald Trump is Not an Anomaly

A person with no governing experience and bigoted rhetoric should be a fringe candidate. Right?

Do Republicans Even Know What A Tax Is?

The Republican obsession with never appearing to raise taxes ever leads to some pretty strange policy choices.

Get Ready For Republican Silly Season

The incentives are lining up for a pretty wacky couple of months in presidential politics.

Trump Joins Narratives of Hate over Immigration Battles

Warren Blumenfeld breaks down the chain that links Donald Trump to a history of hate.

Could A Defeat in 2016 Change The Republican Party?

If Hillary Clinton wins next year, we could see a more moderate GOP emerge.

Is Jeb Bush Losing?

Jeb Bush’s White House bid may not be doomed, but he clearly isn’t winning.