Governments Must Act on the Human Rights Implications of Climate Change

Climate change and Government responses to it will significantly influence how the human rights of billions of people across the world are exercised.

Atlas Shrugged, Like any Blind Ideology, is Based on Irrationality

Should Atlas Shrugged be viewed as a biblical blue print for all economic consideration?

Drinks Industry Knows the Middle-Aged Better Than Government Does

And a pint of whatever you’re having, my good man…

What Wise Words Might Our Next President Leave Behind?

A few words about war, peace, economics, religion, education, and running the country from the past occupants of The White House.

Hey NRA, Changing Debate on Gun Control Requires Historical Perspective

When their argument doesn’t make sense, show them why.

Do We Really Need Gender Parity?

Do we need equal representation of men and women in government? Patty Beach talks about gender and the Versatility Factor.

The U.S. Economy Is A Mess But I Decided Not To Be Its Victim

You do not have control over the government’s actions but you do have control over your actions.

Taxpayers Let’s Take Our Government Back!

If the political system isn’t working for you, get involved and take action.

His Words Empathize With Their Rage, His Indifference to a Murder Inflames It

The District Attorney in Philadelphia knows unmitigated police misconduct erodes the public trust, yet refuses to seek justice on behalf of Mr. Brandon Tate-Brown.