Are We Asking Too Much From Government?

Is it possible that no entity is capable of sufficiently fulfilling the demands we’ve placed on the US government? A fact- and figure-free essay of inquiry.

Society’s Biggest Problems Need More Than a Nudge

Is the water crisis in Flint, Michigan evidence that governments need a new way to make decisions?

Creating an Emissions Trading System in Ten Steps

There is little excuse not to consider adopting an ETS as part of moving to an inevitable low carbon future.

Of Music and Men: Economic Repercussions of Discrimination

Bruce Springsteen is standing for what he believes in by taking a stand in North Carolina.

Religious Freedom Laws Permit Freedom to Discriminate

“States Rights” and “Religious Beliefs” have long served as the allied battle cry to deny people’s rights.

Comment of the Day: ‘Most ‘black’ people in America really aren’t ‘black.’

Who sets the definition for race?

Chicago Declares War on Teachers

Will the Chicago Teacher’s Union survive?

In Government, Men are Standing up for Women

The EU talks the talk on gender equality – but in a male voice.

Why Ted Cruz Scares Me Way More Than Donald Trump

Steve Jaeger finds Donald Trump bombastic, but is not convinced The Donald even wants to be President. Ted Cruz, however, is on “a mission from God”.

‘Spotlight’ And Laying Down The Law

Warren J Blumenfeld shares an article he wrote for The Harvard Crimson in 1986, leaving it to us to see if things have changed much since then.

Global GDP Could Increase by US $1.3 Trillion

… if the Renewable Energy Share doubles by 2030. Anthony Horton reviews the IRENA report.

Governments Must Act on the Human Rights Implications of Climate Change

Climate change and Government responses to it will significantly influence how the human rights of billions of people across the world are exercised.

Atlas Shrugged, Like any Blind Ideology, is Based on Irrationality

Should Atlas Shrugged be viewed as a biblical blue print for all economic consideration?

Drinks Industry Knows the Middle-Aged Better Than Government Does

And a pint of whatever you’re having, my good man…

What Wise Words Might Our Next President Leave Behind?

A few words about war, peace, economics, religion, education, and running the country from the past occupants of The White House.

Hey NRA, Changing Debate on Gun Control Requires Historical Perspective

When their argument doesn’t make sense, show them why.