Message To Governor Jerry Brown: Dads Aren’t Happy With You

Doyin Richards has some strong words for California Governor Jerry Brown who recently vetoed the Potty Parity For Parents Act.

Public School is Not a Very Queer Place

It is well time for the public school system to integrate LGBT studies into the curriculum.

A Living Death Sentence: Reflections on Life Imprisonment

Sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, Spoon Jackson wonders if a changed man will ever be given a second chance.

California Governor Vetoes Bill To Reduce Drug Sentences, Signs New Private Prison Deal Instead

Faced with a looming deadline to reduce the state’s prison population, California Governor Jerry Brown rejected drug sentencing reform, instead signing another costly private prisons contract.

California’s Governor Still Intent On Defying Supreme Court On Prison Overcrowding

The US Supreme Court refused to “temporarily block” the most recent federal court ruling requiring California to figure out a way to release 10,000 inmates by the end of the year.

California Passes Groundbreaking Bill Protecting Transgender Students

California made history Monday with passage of the School Success and Opportunity Act, a bill that protects transgender students and ensures their full participation in schools.

California Gets New Gun Control Law

California passed new legislation last week aimed at getting over 40,000 illegally owned weapons off the streets.

Gay-to-Straight Conversion Therapy Challenged in the Courts

Joanna Schroeder hopes that the courts expose the greater truth about so-called “Reparative Therapies”, which take advantage of the anguish some men experience when their same-sex attraction conflicts with their spiritual beliefs.

California is First to Protect Gay Minors from Antigay “Therapy”

Annie Scudder of TrèsSugar talks about the measures taken by the golden state for LGBTQ teens.

Governor Jerry Brown Bans ‘Gay Cures’ For Minors

The Governor of California has signed first of its kind legislation to prevent minors from treated in gay-to-straight conversion therapies.