A Guide for Young People: What To Do With Your Life

So if you can’t figure out the future, what do you do?

One Man’s Words for Graduates

Michael Carley has some thoughts for students about to make the transition from one life to another.

Hard Evidence: Can Dropping Out of University be Positive?

Studies conducted in the UK do not find any differences between university dropouts and non-dropouts in terms of their employment chances and likelihood to be working in a managerial position.

Will the Class of 2014 Be Ready for Life’s Challenges?

Rob Plascencia wonders if he and his graduating class is ready for what comes next in life.

All-Male Urban School, All College Bound

For an astounding fourth year in a row, all 167 seniors at Urban Prep Acadamies’ schools have been accepted at four-year colleges or universities this fall.

US College Grads Under-Qualified for Employment

Kirk McDonald tells the cold, hard truth about finding jobs after graduation.

News: Homeless High School Students Take Top Marks, Graduate Despite Challenges

Not having a home or a family didn’t stop two young brothers from achieving despite the odds.

Will Ferrell’s Address to the Graduates (of Harvard)

My son Seamus, who is 16, is a connoisseur of youtube videos that make you laugh. This is his all-time favorite.

Study of the Day: Men Lag Behind Women in PhDs

Men are statistically better than women at some things. (I’d list them but I’m going to stay away from that stereotype rat-trap.) That said, last year marked the first time that women outstripped men in the number of doctoral degrees earned. The report done by the Council on Graduate Schools indicated that while the gap […]