A Divorced Dad Reflects on Losing His Daughter Over, and Over, but Showing Up Anyway


Jeffrey Zeth’s daughter is graduating. He is going to lose her again. Losing her, it seems has been a constant theme in the world of divorce. Here is how he shows up anyway.

Graduating from What?: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 66


Is a Kindergarten “Graduation” really necessary?

A Divorced Father Explains High School Graduation Blues


Paul Schneider explains what it feels like to be a divorced father at his daughter’s graduation.

Where Have All the Children Gone?

preschool grad

In our mad rush to make our children successful have we left something essential behind–a childhood.

These Graduation Mugshots Look to Change the Stereotypes of Black Men (Photos)


A powerful new photo series is challenging stereotypes and assumptions about what it means to be Black in America.

147 Of The Answers For You, For Now (Oh Dear Graduates)

139 grad

 Each year, English teacher Jeremy McKeen gives his seniors a few pieces of advice. It’s been fourteen years since he started teaching. It’s added up. — During the final weeks of my first year of teaching I don’t remember having much advice to give my seniors. I was all of 22 years old and still a […]

Does Being Pro-Boy Mean “Anti-Girl”?


Are our boys falling behind in education? Earl Hipp on how to handle this issue in fairness to both genders.

Graduation Day: Young Man Recites the Best “ABC’s” of Life Speech Ever (Video)

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Young Man Sounds Off the ABC’s of Life in the Best College Graduation Speech Ever

The 52 Percent: What Are the Motivations Behind Black Boys Graduating High School?


Madison J. Gray speaks on ways we can all help to increase the number of African American Male high graduates

How I Am Rethinking Success and Happiness in Post-Grad Life


David Reitan suggests that not finding a job right out of college might not be the worst thing for a grad.

What I Learned About My Ex-Wife After My Daughter’s College Graduation

grad story

A lesson in what people think when they panic.

A Dad’s Message to His Son About Fear and Failure on Graduation Day

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Love Hard. Be Kind. Do Much. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail.

One Man’s Words for Graduates


Michael Carley has some thoughts for students about to make the transition from one life to another.

What Is the Graduation Speech You Would Give? Here’s Mine.

graduation joy photo by beverly and pack

“Make something,” by Bruce Ditman.

The Young Man With No Guests At Commencement

cap and gown

Some students defy the odds. Their common denominator is natural curiosity.

Young Men Want to Matter- Here’s How

handshake, organization, relationships, greetings, meetings, socialize, social

Handshakes can change the world.