Young Men Want to Matter- Here’s How

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Handshakes can change the world.

Young Man In a Post-Graduate Maelstrom

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Some resist. Twenty-two year old Jefferson Morris IV lets the swirling waters carry him where they may.

Alone at Life’s Threshold

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College senior, Dan Ferman, admits he’s scared. Nevertheless, he embraces the challenges ahead.

The Turning Point of a Teenage Life: What Am I Supposed to Do?

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Angel Patino is 18, working to graduate, working to help, and wishing that was enough.

You Done Good, Honey. A Father Salutes His Daughter Graduating 5th Grade

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Patrick Canadey, with a letter to his daughter upon her promotion from elementary school.

6 Tips That Should Have Been in Your Graduation Speech


You’ve probably never heard a graduation speech like this one. Here are 6 tips to prepare you for life after high school or college.

High School Senior Shot in Head Walks at His Graduation to the Surprise of His Classmates

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“I just want to thank God! It is great to be alive,” said Balaal Hollings.

Transgender Student Harrassed by School District

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All Issak Wolfe wants is for his name to be called at graduation, but an overly strict district with a history of poor choices refuses to let that happen.

What Do You Think of Joss Whedon’s Commencement Speech to Students?


The famous writer and director said to students: “You are all going to die.”

Phoenix Police Show Support for Fallen Officer’s Daughter at Graduation

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Phoenix Police Seargent Ben Kartchner said, “He’s left a precious child and a wife behind, and it’s our responsibility to make sure that they’re taken care of for the rest of their life.”

How Would You Feel If These Stats Were True About Your Child’s School District? (Video)


What percentage of students in Philadelphia will go on to graduate from college? The answer will shock you.

Father and Son Graduate College Together

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On Sunday, two Dorian Joyners donned their caps and gowns to graduate from Morehouse College in Georgia, where the commencement speech was given by President Obama.

Navy Lietenant Thomas Saenz Earns Master’s Degree in Combat Zone

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For Thomas Saenz, no risk was too great to get the education he wanted.

All-Male Urban School, All College Bound

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For an astounding fourth year in a row, all 167 seniors at Urban Prep Acadamies’ schools have been accepted at four-year colleges or universities this fall.

Quitting: 4/27

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It’s just not true that quitters never win.

Robert Krulwich Commencement Address Gives Parents Words to Remember

The Graduate

As graduation season approaches, a father of toddlers crashes college graduation ceremony to get some perspective