Why I Remain Single

Choosing to stay single may not meet others’ expectations, but for me, it’s for the best.

Why We Fail Our Children By Not Letting Them Fail

Teaching children they may not always win is the best way to help them understand what true success is.

How This Sixty-Two-Year-Old Man Became a Young Mom

“Our shared experience of vulnerability erases the age and gender differences between the young mothers and me.”

Losing My Parents Made Me a Better Father

Tor Constantino shares 4 insights, drawn from the depths of loss, for happier, healthier parenting.

Lessons Learned From My Son’s Son

He may not be ready for the title of “Grandfather,” but Cliff Townsend has found a powerful teacher in his son’s son.

This Grandfather’s Letter to His Grandchildren Contains Life Advice We Should All Live By

An Irish grandfather wrote to his five grandchildren just months before his death—the advice is beautiful, poignant and brave.

A Place in the World

Vaughan Granier reflects on the beauty of having 3 generations under one roof.

“Being a grandparent is like all the joy of being a parent, multiplied, with minimal responsibilities.”

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For a Granddaughter

Russell Kesler welcomes a family member who has not yet arrived.

Grandfatherhood: A Baggage-Free Relationship

We can’t make it happen, but becoming a grandparent brings the gift of unconditional love from another human being.

Grandfatherhood: 12/27

Are you a grampa? A granddad? A “Pop-pop”?

Life at a Funeral

“A tree doesn’t rid itself of its rings.” Brandon Ferdig is shaken by the death of his grandmother, and chooses to remember how her life connected with his.

Pig Face Hangs Up His Mask

Grandpa prankster shifts strategies in scaring another generation

King’s Canyon Conversion

The first thing I discovered in the King’s Canyon wilderness was that I am not as good a man as I thought myself to be.

“Pho-King. Oh my GOD!”

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The Last Great Surprise

Boy babies and girl babies, CJ Kaplan writes, are both worth the wait.