Making Mistakes Doesn’t Make You Less of a Man


His grandfather taught him how to be a man. His death left him questioning himself. — I called him “Papa” growing up and idolized him when I was a kid. Not so much during my teenage years—of course, Papa was “unhip and uncool” then. However, sometime in my twenties I regained my senses and a […]

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Moving Up the Generational Ladder: How My Grandfather’s Death Saved My Family

Moving Up the Generational Ladder: How My Grandfather’s Death Saved My Family

Kevin Sterling reflects on the profound personal lessons and inspirations he was able to glean from his grandfather’s long and storied life.

“Is That Sheep Placenta I Smell?”: Remembering the Scents of My Grandfather

"Is That Sheep Placenta I Smell?": Remembering the Scents of My Grandfather

Writer Ian Stansel makes peace with the profoundly terrible stench of his grandfather.

You’re a Good Man. Have We Left You Out?

an appeal

We have a lot of voices on GMP. Is yours getting heard?

My Five Grandfathers

My maternal grandfather, Karl Conner, going fishing – one of his favorite hobbies

Josh Magill looks back at all of the men who helped shaped the man he became, and is grateful for them this Father’s Day.

#ThanksDad: Lessons and Laughs I Got From my Dad and GrandDad

Laughs and Lessons from my Dad

WTF? Only my dad would say something like that…Victory Unlimited shares funny and touching sayings of his dad and grandfather.

Black Dad Interrupted

black history month

As a first time father of a male of color, Brandon Greene wonders if he feels as or more powerless than his mother and grandfather felt in his ability to protect his son.

What We Should Talk About When We Talk About Guns

when we talk about guns

Love them or hate them, chances are if you were raised in America someone in your family owned a gun. James Stafford tells his family tale of firearms, and of the event that holstered his forever.

A Life Lesson: Keep Good Going

my grandfather

How will you pass down more than your name?

What Hands Are For


Jarad Dewing compares his hands, and his life, to the men who came before him.

Again: A Comic Strip for Father’s Day


Enjoy this original comic strip for Father’s Day from Lunar Baboon

Mentored Boys or Monster Boys

men, young men, boys, rite of passage, male retreat, young men's retreat

“In the absence of elders, the impetuosity of youth becomes the slow death of the community.” Jed Diamond takes his grandson on a rite of passage.

100 Words on Love: Ninety-Nine

immigrants, grandfathers, war veterans, fathers, grief, cancer, death, love, familial love, paternal devotion, The Good Life, 100 Words on Love, men on love

Ninety-nine and only faded battlefields behind me: grumbling tanks, tire treads, bodies laid on broken pavement.

Grandfatherhood: A Baggage-Free Relationship


We can’t make it happen, but becoming a grandparent brings the gift of unconditional love from another human being.

Grandfather Sends His Good Wishes [Video]


David Jewell remembers his grandfather and associates him with their shared rituals, in this poem and its accompanying video.