5 Ways to Become a Rock Star to Your Grandkids

“The role of a grandparent is not to spoil a grandchild. Your role is to teach life lessons.”

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For My Grandpa, Who Saw the Best in Everyone

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100 Words on Love: I Don’t Want to Talk

“It’s a hell of a goddamned thing,” he said.

Equality Should Shine Through Generations

When Amelia’s 7-year-old son told her he was gay, she didn’t bat an eye. She credits the lessons learned from another generation.

How a Gay Grandparent will Lovingly Raise Black Boys

Anthony Carter feels his biggest challenge will be protecting their innocence and encouraging others to believe that black children have innocence and it is worth protecting.

Growing Up With the Source

Fouad Alaa feels that growing up with four unique parents shaped his personality far more than biology did.

100 Words on Love: February, 1942

The threat of war, the fear of death: none of that in the photograph.

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