Learning About What Really Matters From My 10 Week Old.

She’s growing like a weed and I sure don’t want to miss a moment!

One Dad’s Lucky Streak — He Got Cancer Twice

What? Lucky to get testicular cancer? Kevin A. Hall takes us along through the pain and perspectives of surviving cancer not just once but twice.

Men, Take Pride in Who You Are

Hilary Jacobs Hendel shows you how to cultivate authentic pride and joy in your life.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Relationships

Great relationships just don’t happen, they are carefully nurtured…

Be Thankful For Your Life Today – You Could Die Tomorrow

“Enough is a feast.”  –  Buddhist Proverb I started writing an introduction for my third book this past summer. The topic of the book deals with resiliency—the ability people have to bounce back after tragedy or trauma. I could think of no better story to begin such a book than the life of Abraham Lincoln. […]

Carlos Condit on Developing a Mindset of Grit and Gratitude

In this episode of The Good Dad Project podcast, MMA fighter Carlos Condit talks about his incredible career and shares tips for being a champion spouse and father.

After the Divorce, the 5 Anchors That Will Help You Become Present and Aware of the Good

The divorce just happened and you want to hide and check out. Here are 5 things that will bring you back to your life and help you embrace the good still in it.

How to Like the Job You Have

Gail Meyer Jankovski asks is your job is really standing in the way of you living the life you desire?

A Dad Gears Up to Get His Kids From Kindergarten to College

Sometimes, with kids, you just can’t win. You wonder where you went wrong. But then, if you add up all the little teaching moments, you just might realize you’re on the right track after all. Dr. David Lee Asbery explains.

I’m a Dad!!! But I Don’t Feel Like One.

What am I supposed to do with this new being in my house?

The Fortunate Son

Joe Doe’s ninth task is about recognizing that we are more fortunate than we generally think we are.

An Open Letter From a Stay-at-Home Mom to Her Daughters: Your Dad is THAT Kind of Man

This mom wanted her daughters to understand the dynamics of their family and the character of their dad. She explains.

10 Simple Things that Will Increase Your Intimacy

Connecting in the bedroom starts with everything you do outside of it.

Gifts are Like Hooks

There is someone in your life that deserves to be thanked and it’s time to do something about it.

Listen to the Soundtrack of Your Life

The sounds all around you are clues to who you are and what to be grateful for.

The Fine Art of Complaining and a Life That Sucks

Here’s a sure-fire way to make sure that your life never sucks again…