I am Grateful an NFL Tribute Gave Me a Wake-Up Call to Fight Against Evil

Matt Sweetwood was not expecting to make a life commitment as he watched his favorite sport, but he did. Here is how it happened, and why he wants you to make one too. Especially at Thanksgiving.

Recognizing Blessings in Disguise

Theresa Byrne asks if there are moments or events in life when what first appeared as problems unfolded as blessings.

A Dad is Grateful for Professionalism as His Imminent Child Faces Death

A dad on gratitude, professionalism and a night he will never forget.

The Eight Best Thanksgiving Quotes from Grateful Men

Here are some great things men have said that you can use around your table today.

A Thanksgiving Testimony: How a Man Walked the Bridge From Fear and Destitution to Faith and Abundance

For Joe Rutland, when miracles happen, finding gratitude isn’t difficult. He just has to see them first.

Johnny Cash Ushers In Thanksgiving With a Prayer

It’s Thanksgiving in the United States. We thought we would start the day with some old fashioned heart. And the voice of Johnny Cash.

Teaching Brothers Gratitude for Each Other — & Themselves

It starts with gratitude. Today, and every day after.

From Malibu to Maui

There is a purity and a beauty in this magical place that had me reflecting about my own life, my own home, and of course, my own mind. It’s a great opportunity to be in such a special place, but what about my own special place? What about my own home?

Gratitude With Grrrrrrrr-Attitude!

Tell me NOW what you are Grateful for!

Sharing Faith: How I Found Healing at a Funeral

Being present for others during their time of need can lessen your own pain

When You Are Not Enough

Dr. Margaret Rutherford on knowing when a loved one’s self destruction is too far out of your control.

Invite Happiness Into Your Soul Every Day

What keeps you from allowing joy and pleasure as part of daily living? You deserve it just as much as anyone else.

4 Small Habits To Massively Improve Your Relationship

Jordan Gray says that these simple, easy habits can transform the quality of your intimate relationship.

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To All the Men in My Life From My Feminine Heart: a Letter of Gratitude

A celebration of all the wonderful things men are and do — every day.

Every Man, Every Day, Should Ask Himself One Question

Author Jay Cradeur shares a moment to moment choice which directly impacts a man’s experience of life and lover.

6 Ways To Save Your Struggling Relationship

Jordan Gray says that self-reflection, gratitude immersion, and set-in-stone sex dates will help you and your love feel re-connected in no time.