Gravity Has No Meaning for These Extremely Athletic Guys

These jump men can effortlessly land on a stack of weights nearly as tall as they are… We are really out of shape.

Gravity and George Clooney Bring you Back Down to Earth

In his review of Gravity, Rich Monetti ends up imaging if George Clooney were Dave Bowman.

When You Need to Blame Someone, Blame Gravity

Think about the Garden of Eden story. You know how it goes: Adam blames Eve. Eve blames the serpent. God blames all three.

3 Lessons I Learned Teaching My Kids to Ride Bikes

Tor Constantino shares how parenting lessons are everywhere—especially between the training wheels.

Another Environmental Crisis — A Funny Look at Gravity

Spencer Dryden has a theory about Gravitational Flux, and he suspects it might explain something a lot of us experience.

The “Bechdel Test” is a Great Hammer, But Not Every Movie is a Nail

If we truly want to change how Hollywood portrays and uses female characters we can’t rely solely on accounting to do the job.

This Video of Kids Reenacting Oscar Nominees is Hilarious and Adorable

This video is the funniest way to sum up the nominees for Best Picture at the Academy Awards ever.

Father-Son Team Earns Ten Oscar Nominations [Video]

The New York Times sits down with Gravity makers Alfonso and Jonás Cuarón. Last year’s Gravity has a shot at a huge Oscar night. With 10 nominations the film is a favorite at this year’s Academy Awards. It’s a wonderful film, but what really makes it special is knowing that Gravity was a father-son labor […]

My Guest Spot on the Sparknotes Series Rocket Talk with Becky Ferreira!

When I was in New York, I had the opportunity to play the role of Galileo Galilei. Given that he is the Father of Modern Physics and one of the greatest scientists of all time, I think I did him justice with my sensitive, yet passionate portrayal.

Opinion: The Commentary Track for the August 25th Buy Pile [@cbr], Issue #7 “Inhale Imagination & Breathe Wonder”

An analysis of elements from Hannibal Tabu’s reviews column on Comic Book Resources.