A Dad Cries Out “Thomas the Train, and the British, Have Poisoned My Son!”


His son used to be perfect. Now he is ruined. Was it drugs? Was it crime? No, the culprit according to this dad was that insufferable train Thomas, and the country that exported him to us.

Should Good Men Dream of Independence in a Corrupt World?

Should Good Men Dream of Independence? Kai Hendry:Flickr

Advice from former Yugoslavia for regions chasing the dream of autonomy.

Sir Nicholas Winton: The Man Who Saved 669 Jewish Children From Hitler

nicholas winton2

Sir Nicholas Winton has been called “one of the greatest humanitarians of out time,” for his heroic efforts to save the children of Czechoslovakia from Hitler’s Nazi invasion.

The Science of Love


Why has it taken us so long to learn so little about how and why we have sex?

UPDATE: Algerian Hostage Crisis Ends, Questions Remain

algerian hostage crisis_GMP (588x390)

The Algerian Communications Minister said, “Search efforts are ongoing at the gas installation … I fear the numbers will be updated with more victims later today.”

Congratulations Prince William


The most famous prince on earth is going to be a father.

The Future of a Very British Sport Could Be in China


Nicole Bailey looks at how the future of snooker may lie in the Far East.

It’s All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating …


Seán Flynn on the end of American Empire, and how the internet is more like the Catholic Church than you imagined.

The Right to Life; The Right to End It [Video]

eye in the pool

It’s your life. But is it yours to end?

Why Guys Should Watch the Royal Wedding

Prince William, Kate Middleton

Embrace the frivolity, the extravagance, the fawning from the media. The 75-minute show will be over soon enough, and then we can all go back to work.

The 10 at 10

income tax

Bacon could win you an iPad, gas is cheaper in Mexico, and a cake will tell you your baby’s gender.

The Ambitious 6-Year-Old of the Day


Sam Pointon has the best job in the world.

Too Dumb to Have Sex?


Is it legally and morally just to prevent an adult, albeit a mentally deficient one, from having sex?

The 10 at 10: November 10

photo via commons.wikimedia.org

Conan, grizzly bears, archery, and a guitar shaped like an armless sailor nymph: the manliest 10 at 10 to date.

Pee on Your Phone, Get Tested for an STD

photo via www.sayanythingblog.com

Yes, there’s now an app for that, too.

Study of the Day: A Plea to Men Who Stop Showering

photo via reducefootprints.blogspot.com

A 2009 poll from a tissue manufacturer revealed that 41 percent of British men and 33 percent of women don’t shower every day. A further 12 percent only shower once or twice a week. Other research found that more than half of British teenagers don’t shower every day.