Why I Am Ashamed To Be European

Let me tell you about a baby called Bayan.

A Father’s Grief and a Son’s Salute—Two Pictures That Will Speak to Us Forever

While one father buries his family, a young son salutes his fallen father. What do these pictures tell us about loss, parenting, and finding peace after the death of our most precious loved ones?

Hello, My Name Is Luay. I Was a Refugee

Luay Al Khatteeb can identify with the plight of refugees and with the countries struggling to provide for them. That doesn’t excuse us from helping.

Prone to Mistakes? So Was Plato

Michael Amity notes that even one of our greatest thinkers blundered.

Why Is the Media Silent? #PrayForVenezuela

Eduardo Garcia spent most of his youth in Venezuela, and it breaks his heart to see how it’s being torn apart, its people killed. Even worse, why is the world ignoring it?

Scorpions Release MTV Unplugged Set

Hard rock legends strip it down for new album.

Serie A Match Stopped Due to Racist Chant

European football is plagued by violence and racism, an epidemic that seems to infect primarily young, unemployed men.

The Young Turks: Greek Neo-Fascists, Racists Gaining Power (VIDEO)

Emboldened by their growing popularity, the far-right party have also conducted “Greek only” blood drives around the country and taken, increasingly, to storming state-run hospitals to root out foreign staff.

Greek National Soccer Team Bans Player For Life After Nazi Salute

Giorgos Katidis, the Greek soccer player who celebrated a goal Saturday by giving the crowd at Athens’ Olympic Stadium the Nazi salute, has been banned for life from playing on Greece’s national team by the country’s soccer federation.

Shark Week: Close Encounters With Jeff Kurr

Discovery Channel Shark Week producer and shark expert Jeff Kurr has more advice for finding—and avoiding—close encounters of the shark kind on your summer vacation.

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My Dad Never Told Me He Loved Me. And That’s Perfectly Fine.

Ali Rizvi writes: “I was his first child, and his first son. I wonder if I was also his first experience with real intimacy.”

Adam Cohen and the Warm Shadow of His Legendary Father

Joanna Schroeder interviews musician Adam Cohen about love, success, and the perilous allure of pursuing fame over art.

Newsflash: America Isn’t the Only Country Holding Elections

HeatherN offers a short primer on elections around the world.

Opinion: The Commentary Track for the October 26th Buy Pile, Issue #15 [@cbr] “@Marvel Uber Alles”

An analysis of elements from Hannibal Tabu’s reviews column on Comic Book Resources looking at the power of myth and Matt Murdock’s blood stained smile.

The Most Annoying Pickup Basketball Players

Pickup basketball has no shortage of interesting characters. We found the 10 worst.

A Heat Wave, an Archeological Ruin, and a Foundation for Marriage

High atop the Acropolis on his honeymoon, Gabi Schaffzin realizes that now is the time when things begin to matter.