The Immoral Use of ‘Christian Morality’

For years politicians have used “moral issues” to distract, derail & divide the American public from addressing the real problems we need to face.

Black Dogs, White Dogs

One: Scooby Doo was trying to tell us something when every time the monster mask got snatched off it was a greedy white dude.

An Open Letter to Jerry Falwell Jr.

Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr., recently compared Donald Trump to the biblical King David; with absolutely no due respect, I disagree.

Masculine Messages from 2016’s Academy Award Nominated Films

Author Jay Cradeur shares his observations of five must see Academy Award nominated films.

The Strange Case of Rod Covlin

Reflecting on Rod Covlin; the man who killed his wife before traumatizing and using his daughter to get rich.

Money Isn’t Power: 7 Life Lessons Learned From ‘House Of Cards’

“It’s a show immersed in lies, deception, sex, power, manipulation and greed, but dive a little deeper and you will start to realize the ways this show can help improve your life.”

Ex-NFL Player Talks Brain Trauma, Greed and Blame: Part 2

In Part 2 of this interview, former 49’ers defensive tackle, George Visger, says he lost everything due to NFL-induced head trauma and offers common sense rule changes to protect NFL players going forward.

Ex-NFL Player Talks Brain Trauma, Greed and Blame: Part 1

Former 49’ers defensive tackle, George Visger, talks about his hundreds of concussions, 9 emergency brain surgeries and “NFL bullsh*t”

There’s $20 Floating In the Public Toilet Bowl In Front of You….

Do you leave that washroom $20 richer?

Virginia Gov. McDonnell’s Fall from Grace. Just Desserts?

The man who would be king? (Or at least potential running mate to the man who almost became king) is going to prison and out of public life for good.

Stivers Cartoons: I’m Not Greedy

©Mark Stivers /

6 Things You Can’t Win (and How to Win Them)

Not everything is a contest, but you can always be a winner. Here’s how.

What Americans Could Achieve if We Banded Together Like We Did to Deport Justin Bieber

Too often we assume our politicians know or care what we care about. “We the People” have spoken. Can we get a redo?

For Future Generations, It’s Heads We Win, Tails They Lose

A central element of fairness is sharing. Taking what is yours and not more because to do so would mean someone would have less. So is it fair for us to adversely effect the biosphere, when the impact will fall disproportionally on future generations?

6 Life Lessons from “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Dr. Jed Diamond asks: What part of the wolf lives in you?

Show a Little Thankfulness This Holiday Season

Let’s show some appreciation for the people in our lives because of who they are, not the things they give us