Five Benefits of Being Humor Drunk

Shopping can make you humor-drunk and it might just save your life!

How Will History Treat Obama?

In all likelihood, history will treat Obama pretty well.

Why Presidents Fail

Presidents sometimes fail because of their own mistakes, but often times they appear to fail because of our unrealistic expectations.

Women and Minorities Are Under-Represented in Comic Books and I’m an Accomplice

Every time I buy a comic book that lacks diversity, I’m supporting that failure. In 2014, I’m supporting diversity.

Attention Liberals, Here’s How It’s Done

A controversial blurb in Rolling Stone shows what a post-Obama liberal agenda could look like.

Superheroes Are Humans, Too [OpEd]

Hollywood movies ignore the humanity of the men underneath the masks. Their internal struggles are as important as their superpowers.

Call for Op-Eds From New Editor

Christian Coleman, the Good Men Project’s new Op-Ed editor, tells a little about himself and asks for your input.

60 Reasons to be Proud in 2012

Coming out in Hollywood in 2012 became a casual affair. Gone were the days of the “I’m Gay” cover photo.

Golden Age Green Lantern Gay Now

A character created in 1940 has been retconned as gay. What about this is upsetting fans?

Great Moments in Greatness: Black Justice League Cosplay [@blackheroeswrld]

Looking through an ebony lens, heroes come in many shades and colors.

Gaming: Lego Batman 2 Announced [@akilshohen]

The world’s finest are getting squared off in a new multiplatform adventure game, due out this summer.

Animation: @DC_NATION Reboots, Er, Relaunches Justice League Cartoon for 2012

Before the shadow of Dwayne McDuffie can even start to fade, there’s a new Justice League cartoon on your screen …

Animation: Dwayne McDuffie’s Final Gift — Justice League: Doom

The last legacy of the legendary creator pits the Justice League against their most fearsome foe yet: Batman.

Culture: The Last Stories Worth Seeing From San Diego 2011 [#sdcc]

There was so much to cover during this year’s Nerd Spring Break that a few stragglers are left, weeks later.

Photo Gallery: The Black Faces of San Diego Comic-Con 2011 [#sdcc]

… aaaand we’re back. San Diego. Cosplay photos. Celebrities. Fans. Let’s go! (In all seriousness, give this bad boy some time to load, it’s about to get megapixel up in here) [Source: World of Black Heroes] [Source: Carl Dancy’s Facebook Page] [Source: Stranger Comics] [Source: CNET] [Source: Getty Images] [Source: Organization of Black Screenwriters’ Facebook […]

News: Word on the Tweets From July 10, 2011

This is the script from the “Word on the Tweets” section of the latest weekly Sunday It’s Komplicated webcast on the Geekweek Network. These summaries are posted (hopefully) the Thursday following each episode