“Mad Men” Endings We Don’t Want To See

Greg Olear speculates the closing of the series “Mad Men”.

007 vs. Title VII: ‘Goldfinger’, The Civil Rights Act, and White Male Privilege

Greg Olear comments on the blatant sexism and racism within the third James Bond movie, and what we can learn from white male privilege.

The Weeklings Mock (the) 2014 NFL Draft

“St. Louis really needs help on the O-line, so they go with Sean Hannity. If he can defend Cliven Bundy, he can defend Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford.”

What Album Do You Wish You Could Hear For the First Time Again?

Today’s Question of the Day requires you only to think about the album that really changed you forever.

A Conversation With Our Man In Kiev

Greg Olear interviews his friend, the film producer Roman Kindrachuk–a longtime Kiev resident, whose apartment overlooks Maidan Square–on the situation in Ukraine.

Song Beneath the Songs: “Hey Jealousy” by The Gin Blossoms

Greg Olear on the Gin Blossoms’ troubled genius.

Bush in Rehab

Can George W. Bush’s presidency be redeemed? Greg Olear takes a closer look.

Mad Men Episode 4: Happy Days Are Here Again

Greg Olear suspects Mad Men may be ready to “jump the shark” . . . and he thinks he knows the shark’s name: Megan.

Here’s Looking at You, B***h: Casablanca as Male Revenge Fantasy

Greg Olear offers something of a different take on one of cinema’s most beloved films.

Rove Hack: The Anonymous Conspiracy

Did hacker group Anonymous foil Karl Rove’s evil election-stealing plan? Greg Olear offers evidence that this conspiracy theory may be true.

TV’s New Golden Age and Why Homeland Won’t Be Remembered

Greg Olear had high hopes that Homeland would join the ranks of the truly elite television dramas. Here, his criteria for what makes a TV show superb.

On the Eleventh of the Eleventh

Looking back upon what we could have learned from 9/11, Greg Olear sees only opportunists of many stripes using the events to further their agendas.

Asperger’s: A Chronology, an excerpt from FATHERMUCKER

“Roland has invented a game. He pokes you in the eye with his index finger, Three Stooges’ style, and yells, ‘Boook!'” By Greg Olear