This Tendency Is Now Familiar to Us: Poem by Emily Kendal Frey

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We define ourselves by what we believe

She’s Going to Do Something Amazing: Poem by Lynn Melnick

heinz fischer

She’s choking on the inspirational music / from the nurse tech’s radio, something about running and fire

Tiny Hand-cuffs: Poems by Dennis J. Bernstein


Dennis J. Bernstein has been a longtime front line reporter specializing in Human Rights. His poetry has appeared in the New York Quarterly, Chimaera, Bat City Review, elsewhere.

Good Men Project Adds Award-Winning Editorial Staff

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Welcome the new editors of Dads & Families, Social Justice, Poetry, and Marriage.

It’s Just Lines and Lines and Then I Quote Jeff Mangum and Kanye West

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Gregory Sherl admits, “There is a girl I would like to share a tube of toothpaste with.”

Curl Under My Hairy Toes

Image by Chelsea Daniele

“I was so excited to see you I put on the wrong lips.” a poem by Gregory Sherl

A Week Is a Lifetime

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Gregory Sherl doesn’t know if he’s still engaged. He’ll find out in a week.

I’m a Little Stoned Right Now


Gregory Sherl is back to Florida, mood stabilizers, and Starbucks.

I’d Tell a Joke Here, but I’ve Got Nothing

Below the Waist Gregory Sherl Fixing Me

In this installment of Fixing Me, Gregory Sherl obsesses over all the men she touched below the waist.

Caution: Heart Opens Slowly


Blood? Filthy doorknobs? Used towels? … Vermont? Whatever, man. Gregory Sherl is engaged.

Napkins and Klonopin

napkin klonopin

In this installment of “Fixing Me,” Elizabeth will make more money than God, while Gregory wastes his days.

If This Gets Me Laid I Will Be Very Surprised

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New columnist Gregory Sherl battles OCD and depression in the second installment of “Fixing Me.”

The Sting Is There, So You Know It’s Working

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Gregory Sherl’s OCD got so bad, he had to quit his job as a teacher.