How Do We Grieve as Men Today?

Chris Davies lost a man who made a difference in his life. Here’s how he honored him.

Acknowledging Our Grief Anniversaries

In the wake of losing a loved one, everything in your life becomes a potential surprise memorial … These seemingly incessant reminders force you once again to observe the loss anew.

Comment of the Day: ‘Grief does not have to be a sad moment’

Embed from Getty Images It’s ok to remember and smile. — This comment was by Raheel Lakhani in reference to the post – ‘My Friend Just Died. I Don’t Know What to Do’ This is a great read. However, grief does not have to be a sad moment. It can be a happy moment of remembrance as […]

20 Things I Wish More People Understood About Losing a Parent as a Kid

Please don’t tell us to “get over it.”

You Can Have Joy Again After Grief and Loss

This story could be the catalyst for your second chance.

The Most Important Lessons I Learned From My Dad

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A Sister’s Death, A Brother’s Pain

Pain from death is an open wound that constantly bleeds.

You Were Not the Father I Always Wanted … or so I Thought

A daughter finds love and forgiveness for the man she tried to “hate away.”

A Man, His Dog, and Their Unbreakable Relationship

When John Pointer shared his grief over losing his dog Benny, little did he realize how powerful his words would resonate around the world.

6 Ways I’ve Learned To Cope With Life Stuff

His mother committed suicide, he had a mental breakdown, and he still struggles with extreme anxiety. But he’s turning his experience into a tool to help other men.

How to Prevail Over The Paralyzing Post-Divorce Failure Emotional Cocktail

Divorce has hit and in the aftermath, leaves a feeling all its own. How do you get out of it? Bill Douglas has some ideas.

How to Cope and Heal After Someone You Love Dies

You know how you lived in the before—but how do you live in the after?

An Open Letter to Celine Dion about Her Loss

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What I Learned About Grief from a Stranger on a Plane

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A Letter to the First Man in My Life

Louise Thayer lost her father at 16, but she remembers his music—and his love.

Parent And Child: An Everlasting Bond

A parent’s bond with their child is everlasting. No matter what the future holds for either of them. — A mother’s love is rivaled only by the love her child reciprocates. A phenomenal friend and incredible individual, Kris, lost his mother this past March to ovarian cancer.  The battle for her life lasted just under […]