‘My Friend Just Died. I Don’t Know What to Do’

My friend died

One man on Reddit responded with a life lesson we all need to hear.

Men and the Death of Their Fathers


Men grieve their fathers on their own terms, but similarities can be found.

When You Lose a Good Man: 5 Lessons for Daily Living


You know when you’re on the phone with your favorite person in the whole world and you can tell they are getting tired, but you aren’t ready to hang up yet? That’s how it feels to be teetering on the edge of losing someone you love. It’s excruciating. In the three weeks between his cancer […]

Tree of the Apple


Kelly DuMar masterfully captures “the holy moment that saves your life” in this deceptively simple prose poem.

An Exploration of Male Grief

An Exploration by Martin

Raoul Wieland takes a look at male grief through the lens of close reading.

The 1950’s Man In Me: Part 2


Sometimes talking about our emotions isn’t all we think it’s cracked up to be.

Most of What is Written is Simply Grief


This poem from Todd Davis is a prime example of the power of the unspoken, the understated.

Unhelpful Things People Say When You Have Lost a Loved One


While it’s true that no words are adequate for someone who has lost the love of his life, here are some phrases you want to avoid.

Men Grieving Badly


Randall Horton discusses violence as a part of men’s grief.

Of Tears and Testosterone: Reflections on the Manliness of Grief


Traditional American masculinity did little to help Miller Williams handle his profound grief. Here’s a glimpse into his process, and the experience that brought him to it.

I’ll Tell Your Brother Years From Now


Loss and longing permeate this offering from Bryan Borland, an intensely lyrical, deeply imagistic remembrance of a departed brother.

Her Last Breath: Husbands and Their Wives’ Deaths


Rev. Neil O’Farrell thinks about husbands and their wives’ deaths.

Fun Dads, Loss, and ‘Saving Mr. Banks’


Like Mary Poppins’ creator, writer Kip Robisch lost his ‘fun dad’ early.

A Father, a Son, a Goodbye: Why Being Strong Should Not Mean Being Distant


How can a son say goodbye to a father he never connected with?

Building My Father’s Coffin

Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 10.07.10 AM

John Manchester was dreading the fulfillment of his father’s last wish: that his children build him a coffin. In the end, he discovered that working alongside his son and other family members was the perfect therapy.

The Good Men Playlist: Remembering 9/11

world trade center

James Stafford remembers the World Trade Center attack and its aftermath with a playlist.