Fun Dads, Loss, and ‘Saving Mr. Banks’


Like Mary Poppins’ creator, writer Kip Robisch lost his ‘fun dad’ early.

A Father, a Son, a Goodbye: Why Being Strong Should Not Mean Being Distant


How can a son say goodbye to a father he never connected with?

Building My Father’s Coffin

Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 10.07.10 AM

John Manchester was dreading the fulfillment of his father’s last wish: that his children build him a coffin. In the end, he discovered that working alongside his son and other family members was the perfect therapy.

The Good Men Playlist: Remembering 9/11

world trade center

James Stafford remembers the World Trade Center attack and its aftermath with a playlist.

Battling Through Death and Grief


Nathan Daniels tells his story of experiencing multiple deaths in his family and shares ways to ease the grieving process.

A Place To Rest, Create and Call My Own


Realizing that a place to grieve was critical to his healing, Ashton D’Silva Marcon turned to his new space.

Seeing Your Family Home


How one man responds to a grave situation can epitomize the enormity of his love

Fighting for the Memory of our Ancestors

Josh Magill's grandpa 2

How Josh Magill learned there was more to the memory of his grandfather than what he looked like.

Mother’s Day Without Mom

Sasha and Lio walking at Passo Duran

Martin Spinelli, bestselling author of After the Crash, shares 7 bits of wisdom for celebrating Mother’s Day and living every other day after Mom has passed on

A Surprising Job Offer from Mother Teresa

mother teresa 2

Snake Bloomstrand relates how Mother Teresa opened the eyes and heart of Father Bennie.

Paying it Forward in Love and Death


Jason Greene finds that simply being there may be the best consolation

Daddy, I Miss Her


Writer Jason Fisk tries to explain to his daughter what he doesn’t understand about God and death

I Will Not Die [Poem]


Denial is the first stage of grief.

4 Tragic Things Christians Say After Tragedies


Sometimes comforting yourself with your faith doesn’t help anyone else.

“My friend and cousin died. Their Facebook pages go on; they are living tributes.”


This is a comment by Joanna on the post “Facebook Ghosts”.

Two Fathers, No Mother: Crossing the Big Black Line


William Lucas Walker’s journey from “gay cliché” boyhood to married fatherhood, via love and loss.