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You will always have your body, so it’s best to love it.

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Keep-It-Simple Style: 5 Ways for Everyday Guys to Stay Cool and Smooth

Style tips don’t have to be complicated, in fact looking cool (and staying cool) can be easy. Especially with the help of the BIC Flex5 razor and Wai Sallas. #SmoothUp

Why Dads Should Take Hair Health Seriously

Hair is part of the human body and it is affected by whatever it is that dads could be struggling with. Christopher Britton suggests taking control of not just your physical appearance, but also your overall health and wellness. Here are his thoughts.

Making A Good First Impression Using The Halo Effect

The Halo effect is very interesting. It shows us again how important that first impression is. This is a real easy win. Life can be overcomplicated. But making a first impression is as easy as 1,2,3…

5 Tips For Being a Smooth Guy

James M. Sama says being a gentleman is about a lot more than being smooth… but a great shave from the BIC Flex 5 razor sure does help.

Beards, Moustaches, and Facial Hair in History

Male facial grooming doesn’t just follow fashion trends. There is also history in the beard, and culture in the moustache.

Top 5 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

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How did soldiers maintain a shaving and grooming regime in the Great War?

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My Dentist, the Chimp

Paying people to stick their hands in our mouths is in our genes.

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When and how did the concept of masculinity turn its back on art, design, and beauty?

Men With Fancy Lady Hair: Gender, Gel and Mormon Prom

Why does sculpting men’s hair strike us as strange? This is not the most original insight in the world, but: gender is WEIRD. And there’s nowhere that’s more obvious than the field of grooming. Women are expected, obligated to engage in elaborate rituals of prettiness-maximizing. Multiple industries exist just to sustain, supply, and enforce these […]