Don’t Fear the Fad

Just because something is a fad does not necessarily make it a bad investment.

Flash Mob Christianity: A New Model for Instant Church

It’s probably a dumb idea. My wife says I have more ideas than good sense, and she’s probably right. But when I get an idea that keeps me up that night, it’s usually one that won’t leave me alone for a while.

Built to Launch?

​Ken Goldstein talks about the difference between a good IPO and a good company: the people that choose to stay.

Alex Honnold: One Bad Ass Rock Climber

Jamie Reidy comments on Alex Honnold’s latest amazing rock climbing accomplishment at Yosemite.

“I think it’s sad that those interest groups push to limit people’s freedom of expression.”

This is a comment by Valter Viglietti on the post “Boycott Successful: You Can No Longer Buy Porn Coupons at Groupon”.

Boycott Successful: You Can No Longer Buy Porn Coupons at Groupon

Is BDSM porn amoral? According to a press release for the group Morality in the Media, a two-month long boycott of Groupon that had 20,000 Groupon members canceling their accounts, has ended with Groupon severing ties with Kink.

Living Stupid

Jamie Reidy explores the value of the discounts he finds on Groupon, Living Social, and other deal-of-the-day sites.

Where Are the Gay Social Networks?

Fab was exactly what the online gay community needed—a gay social network that was about hope, not hook-ups. But in April, Fab ditched the social networking and the gayness, becoming a Groupon-style site for design enthusiasts.