Invisible Darkness

Laura Foley captures the pain of being a mother unable to help an adult son in this stark poem.

How to Speak Truth to Your Children, and then Let It Go and Forgive

Do you lecture your kids? Mike Berry and his wife did, until they found another way to get through–that works!

My Son, The Kindergarten Student: The In-Between Boy

Brent Almond reflects on his sons impending independence and continued need for support as a kindergarten student.

25 Things to Do By the Time You’re 25

Facing your quarter-life crisis or in your early 20’s? Here are 25 awesome things to do by the time you’re 25.

In the Name of the Father

A boy crosses the threshold to manhood in Joy Ladin’s poem, but he’s not the only one who has changed.


Douglas Luman considers boyhood and the difficulties of growing up in this “sourced poem.”

Why This Son Loves His Parents and the Family They Made

There is no one definition of family. Daniel Student learned this as his reshaped after the death of his father.

WTF Is Puberty?

TomSka tells you everything you need to know about puberty in 7 minutes.

I Don’t Have a Father

Jordan Becker didn’t get what he needed from a father. But he’s going to make a great dad.

The Ups and Downs of Late-Blooming Manhood

Coming into manhood ten years late means missing out on a few things.

I, Robot

Joy Ladin offers a bittersweet remembrance of a father who loved and was loved from a distance.

That Guy Who Dances

There is something about that guy who dances.

6 Things I Wish I’d Done More of As My Son Grew Up

How Parents Can Learn and Apply Lessons to Raising Younger Children

The 3 Life Lessons a Dad Taught His Rabbi Son

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin is in the business of dispensing wisdom. As he dug deep into his heart he found three lessons emblazoned on it from his dad. He shares them here.

The Problem with Indian Kids Winning Spelling Bees

Are cultural values and parental pride robbing a generation of their confidence, even emotional stability?

Comment of the Day: ‘This is one of the advantages to being a misfit growing up.’

This comment was by Jed Diamond on the post “But Where Do Men Go From Here?”