I was Raised in East Hollywood, and I’m Okay with That

One youth’s honest explanation of his relationship with where he is from.

A Dad Worries About Making His Boys Men in the 21st Century

Jeff Jackson knows that as a dad he is supposed to model “being a man” to his sons. One problem. He is not exactly sure what that is these days. He explores the question.

I’m The Guy with the Female Brain: Expanding Our View of Manhood

Are you afraid of the things that make you different?

Heavy Metal Helped me Overcome my Racist Upbringing

The heavy metal band Anthrax helped me understand love and acceptance.

Chimney Swifts

Seldom does one see a coming-of-age story as stark and as inventive as Marc Frazier’s award-winning poem.

Super Power on The Hill

“That was our superpower: learning far too much far too quickly.”

What Would You Want Your Kids to Say About You in Stories to Their Kids?

What kind of dad—nay; what kind of person will I be? And how will I show who I am to my children?

How To Feel When My Brother Doesn’t Look Anything Like Me

Kids don’t have to understand race to recognize differences in how they look. So why shouldn’t we talk about it?

Greatness Isn’t Hereditary, It’s Emulated: 3 Ways to Inspire Your Children’s Success

The best way to influence your child’s success? Let them know all about the journey to your successes AND failures.

Empty Nest

Tom Mallouk’s speaker reaches out in sympathy to the mother of his grown child in this emotionally impactful poem.

Manage Your Thoughts, Master Your Mind

Our mind can be our worst enemy or our greatest ally.

4 Things Every Teenager Wants Their Parent to Understand

Mike Berry is a dad who understands teenagers. Here’s what your kids want you to know.

A Few Notes To My Younger Self, Who Could Be Sort of a Jerk

Alex Steed looks back at his younger years and wishes he’d done a few things differently.

A Dad’s Response When His Daughter Told Him She Was Venturing into the Wilderness — Alone

Korrin Bishop was determined to take a solo weeklong kayaking trip in the Everglades. She reflects on the courage it took for her dad, and how his understanding and vulnerability allowed her to become a braver person.

Male Role Models: What I Learned From Hawkeye

Number 3 — Save your salutes for the very few people that actually deserve them.


This poem from Joshua Martin is a work of rare power and honesty.