Douglas Luman considers boyhood and the difficulties of growing up in this “sourced poem.”

Why This Son Loves His Parents and the Family They Made


There is no one definition of family. Daniel Student learned this as his reshaped after the death of his father.

WTF Is Puberty?

WTF Is Puberty by TomSka

TomSka tells you everything you need to know about puberty in 7 minutes.

I Don’t Have a Father

I Don't Have by Jake Stimson

Jordan Becker didn’t get what he needed from a father. But he’s going to make a great dad.

The Ups and Downs of Late-Blooming Manhood


Coming into manhood ten years late means missing out on a few things.

I, Robot


Joy Ladin offers a bittersweet remembrance of a father who loved and was loved from a distance.

That Guy Who Dances

There is something about that guy who dances.

6 Things I Wish I’d Done More of As My Son Grew Up


How Parents Can Learn and Apply Lessons to Raising Younger Children

The 3 Life Lessons a Dad Taught His Rabbi Son


Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin is in the business of dispensing wisdom. As he dug deep into his heart he found three lessons emblazoned on it from his dad. He shares them here.

The Problem with Indian Kids Winning Spelling Bees

kid kissing spelling bee trophy

Are cultural values and parental pride robbing a generation of their confidence, even emotional stability?

Comment of the Day: ‘This is one of the advantages to being a misfit growing up.’

Nope, All the Cool Kids atTEDxPHX Wear RED Keds

This comment was by Jed Diamond on the post “But Where Do Men Go From Here?”

To Me, 20 Years Ago


If James Rigdon could have told himself these things 20 years ago, his life might be different now.

Why it Isn’t Enough to Just Be Who You Are

Man and rose bushes

As you go through life, don’t be afraid to mold yourself into something new, even if it’s nothing like what you or others expected.

A Dad Remembers the Day His Parents Put Their Foot Down and Now He’s Glad


Brian Anderson had different values when he was a teen wanting to buy a certain CD. Now he is glad his parents said no and looks at the ideals he might have embraced.

Five Ways Boys Become Men

boy becomes man image

There’s far more than age that distinguishes a man from a boy

These Are The Realities Facing Transgender Youth


I wanted to scream for a 10-year-old boy, who was so scared to cause pain to his family and receive harassment from his peers, he was willing to lock up his feelings inside of him.