This Mom’s College Send-Off to Her Only Son

I’m excited for you to start your next chapter. There are many opportunities available to you now that won’t be available at any other time in your life.

Beyond Unmaking

Pepper Trail’s poem is a striking meditation on the impermanence of the interrelated natural and human worlds.

‘Restorative Justice’ Would Have Failed Me: Why I Believe in ‘Old-School’ Discipline

A man reflects on his father’s militant discipline and why he believes it made him a better man.

How Can I Be a Man if…

Seven harmful traits we can get rid of when measuring what a man is.

With My Daughter at the County Fair

A father reflects on his changing relationship with his growing daughter in Benjamin Myers’s tender poem.

Old War Movies and the News

Army veteran and GMP favorite Dwight Gray shares a winning poem on war, socialization, and one boy’s path to soldierhood.

The Empty Laundry Basket—Sending the Firstborn to College

I find myself talking to friends who have already done this stage of parenting and telling them, “I’m not gonna be able to do this.”

The Leopard

Joy Ladin employs a stark, visceral metaphor in this account of an unforgettable childhood lesson.

What Don’t You Believe Anymore? (Call for Submissions)

As a person, parent, adult, or worker–what don’t you believe in, hold to, or trust anymore?

Be a Man and Make Your Life Worth Living

Sean Swaby reflects on what it means to take what you are given and make something out of it.


Dean Kostos uses the tight repetition of the ghazal form to create a powerful meditation on boyhood and growth.

It Happens to Men, Too

Women are the victims, and men are the aggressors. At least that’s how the story is usually told. But men can be victims too.

Children Love the Dumps

Much can be learned from detritus. For Stephen Scott Whitaker, the dump is where children can “study the worst of us.”

Daddying Up for the Kids

Why are dads more likely to see the value in a business conference than they are in a parenting conference?

Call for Submissions: Being Brotherly

A lot of focus is put on men as husbands, fathers and children. But let’s not forget the important role that men play as brothers.

My Son the Graduate

Diane Lowman reflects on motherhood and how boys become men.