State Department Warns Americans: Get Out of Yemen ASAP

There are even more reasons for the increased concerns for the security of Americans abroad.

Lost in Translation

Andy Bodle is flattered to receive the attention of a much younger woman—while hoping to avoid being noticed by her powerful father.

The Young Turks: Greek Neo-Fascists, Racists Gaining Power (VIDEO)

Emboldened by their growing popularity, the far-right party have also conducted “Greek only” blood drives around the country and taken, increasingly, to storming state-run hospitals to root out foreign staff.

Man Swallowed by Hippo Survives to Tell His Story

Paul Templer said, “There was a terrible, sulfurous smell, like rotten eggs, and a tremendous pressure against my chest.”

NY State Senator Eric Adams Testifies Comissioner Kelly Wants to ‘Instill Fear’ in Young Men of Color

Adams’ testimony marked the latest in a series of explosive allegations leveled against the NYPD in an ongoing trial targeting the department’s “stop-and-frisk” policy.

#50: Houseguest

A houseguest leaps through flames to save the life of a sleeping baby.

Kat Banyard

[Depicted: a sign that says “we demand sex workers’ rights”] Kat Banyard is apparently a leading young feminist who is Intelligent! and Quiet! and Not Sexy In That Liz Lemon Kind Of Way Where Straight Dudes Can Congratulate Themselves On The Progressiveness Of Their Boners Without Actually Liking A Girl Who’s (Eww) Not Conventionally Attractive!* […]

#whodwin Wednesday: Playoffs Extra, “… A CHALLENGER APPEARS!”

Every Wednesday at 12PM PST, Facebook erupts into open combat as fans talk out “who’d win” in a battle between two well known geek-worthy parties. Wikipedia links are included to refresh memories on what everybody is capable of, and in the playoffs, you get to find out who fights before the fight, then vote on […]

#whodwin Wednesday: Playoffs Issue #6, “The Final Countdown”

… so it all comes down to this. Dr. Strange vs. Krona in the last fight of 2011 … but with a twist …

#whodwin Wednesday: Playoffs Issue #5, “Four The Hard Way” [LIVE ON FACEBOOK NOW]

It’s down to the Final Four in a contest of champions that hinges on decisions of fans like you!

A Lack of Sleep Might Kill You

A study shows that a lack of sleep greatly increases your chances of developing a stroke and heart disease.

Study of the Day: A Plea to Men Who Stop Showering

A 2009 poll from a tissue manufacturer revealed that 41 percent of British men and 33 percent of women don’t shower every day. A further 12 percent only shower once or twice a week. Other research found that more than half of British teenagers don’t shower every day.

Clueless Brits Unsure How Babies Are Made

A recent survey shows that young adults around Great Britain are absolutely clueless about childbirth.

Picture of the Day

Mirror sculptures at Kensington Gardens in London (from the Guardian).

Man of the Day: Nelson Haedo Valdez

Who is he? Paraguayan soccer player for Hércules C.F. in Spain Where you’ve heard of him: If you follow Spanish soccer or watched the World Cup This will probably be the first and last time you hear of Nelson Haedo Valdez because, well, he plays soccer, and we live in the United States. This past […]