I Cheated and I Got Caught

Tommy Maloney confesses. ___ Yes the title is correct—“I cheated and I got caught”—but before the hate mail starts up, please hear me out. I meant no harm by my actions, because I was actually doing it for the right reasons—until it recently backfired in my face. Who knew that after all these years the so-called lie would come […]

Where Men Actually Fail to Commit: the Urgent Need for Self-Care

Jordan Kozey urges men past their demons into the most healthy practice of all: self-care.

GMP Dad Workshop: What to Do When You are a “Bad” Parent

We are all bad parents sometimes. Having a kid is insanely hard and it’s inevitable that we will lose our cool. Here’s what you can do to heal the damage and get back to the joys of parenting.

Men Don’t Cheat, Cheaters Cheat

I know because I’m a woman, and I cheated on my college boyfriend.

The Shame Game: Living in an Abuser’s Shadow

When men abuse women, the victim’s stories often stay hidden until they’re ready to be told. As Devorah Goldstein shares a story of hope, she spreads a message of healing.

How to Take the Reins When Your Life Is Out of Control

Louise Thayer takes a ride and takes her power back.

How Guilt Over Your Divorce Cripples Good Parenting

Joel Phillips offers five proven ways to escape from the trap of permissive post-divorce parenting.

Are You Being ‘Hoovered’?

How narcissists suck victims back into destructive relationships—and how to stop it.

Light Between the Bars: The Road to Redemption

A man put a group of prison inmates in a room with nothing but a camera. The result is stunning.

How to Deal With Passive-Aggressive People

You can’t change their behavior, but you can change how they behave around you.

Sunday Reader Tweets of the Day

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3 Ways to Tell If a Mistake Really Matters

Some mistakes are game-changers and some aren’t. Thomas Fiffer offers three questions to help understand the difference.

Why I’m Grateful for Pain and Guilt

Tor Constantino explains why he thinks pain and guilt are similar to a smoke detector – and how they can help.

GMP TV: Three Minutes on Protecting Our Kids From Shame

Take a few minutes to see how the culture of shame impacts your life.

The Power Of No

It May be Scary at First, But When You Say No – The Force Will be With You.

Do Liberals Focus Too Much on Guilt?

Guilt can be a powerful motivator in life, but is it a good idea to base a political strategy on it?