Playing Guitar in Space: It’s Harder than you Think

An Astronaut Explains Why It’s Exceedingly Difficult To Play Guitar In Space.

Lap Skate Guitar

Lap Skate Guitar is the intersection between an electric guitar and a skateboard deck, resulting in a custom made musical instrument that produces mellow sounds just as Lap Steel Guitar.

A Man and His Music: Between the Lines of Suicide

When is music more than rhythmic passion? Three years after committing suicide, a young musician’s work is being heard worldwide for the first time.

The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing an Acoustic Guitar

Music can be a great outlet and opportunity for bonding, and a guitar is an easy place to begin — if you choose the right one.

10 Ways to Be a More Creative Man

Want to expand your mind and grow your potential? These practical ideas will show you how

An Ode to My Mistress of 18 Years

Bessie’s been with me through thick and thin, comforted me when I was down, and even helped me show my love for my wife and son.

If You Are Going to Be Conscious During Brain Surgery, You Might As Well Play Guitar to Take Your Mind off it, Right?

We bet the surgeons enjoyed the work environment a little more, too.

BB King was Great Because He Played Out of Tune

There are those who believed that BB King wasn’t the world’s greatest guitar player, including the man himself.

You’ve Never Seen a Guitar Played Like This Before

What happens when a guy puts an iPhone inside his guitar and starts filming? ___ This inventive guitar player gives a new meaning to the phrase “good vibrations.”Photo—rtists/YouTube

Three Chords and the Truth: A Rock History Lesson—in 100 Riffs

Is it the end of an era?

A Father’s Music Brings a Baby Pure Joy

When dad picks up his guitar, this baby shakes, rattles, and rolls his way right into your heart.

Growing Community of Musician-Advocates Support Men

One blue string out of six on a guitar. What could the musician mean?

The Only Man I Can Call Totally Cool: J.J. Cale

Remembering JJ – Jesse Kornbluth has some excellent old music for you to check out.

Father and 2-Year-Old Son Perform “Don’t Let Me Down.” And They Won’t Let You Down.

Kudos to dads of the 21st century who not only spend all sorts of engaged time with their children (of course) but share those moments with us on video.

On the Eve of His Return to Earth, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield sings David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

This is major Tom to ground control, I’m stepping through the door / And I’m floating in a most peculiar way / And the stars look very different today…

The Twangification of a Greasehead [Video]

What’s a diddley bow? After watching Jack White build one in less than ten minutes, it’s Rob Azevedo’s latest obsession.